Save-the-Date Challenge: Special Prize Winners

A wedding date is truly a date worth remembering and so a save the date should act as a beautiful bookmark for one of the most important dates in our lives. When we asked the Minted community to send us their freshest, most stylish ways to tell guests to mark their calendars, what we saw in response were save the dates as memorable as the date itself! From subtly splendid to out-of-the-box brilliant, these save the dates put love front and center and will surely be a hit with the couples who say yes to them. The winners from our “One True Love” Save-the-Date Challenge (below) each stood out in one of our special prize categories. Congratulations!

Out of the Box Award: For the most creative and innovative take on a Save the Date.
Winner: “In The Flowers” by Lori Wemple
Lori’s colorful and festive design will have guests smiling from the moment they pull it out of the envelope. Her richly ornate florals light up the page against the bright blue background. Her sweetly drawn couple holding the date banner boldly stamp this date into our imagination. 

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Kids Stationery Challenge: Special Prize Winners

It’s time we plucked kids from the world of video games, television, and computers and instilled in them a love of the lost art of letter writing. Whether it’s a note from summer camp, a “thank you” to grandma, or formal response to a denied request for a larger allowance, it turns out kids have many uses for their own stationery. We asked the Minted community to give us their freshest ideas for notecards worthy of being passed during 7th period biology and what we saw made us wish we were kids again! This challenge was one big pile of fun and the winners below each stood out in one of our special prize categories. Congrats, everyone!

For the Guys Award: For the best design specifically for a boy aged 8-12. Winner: #handcramp” by Stacey Hill Stacey’s impossibly funny take on modern teens and preteens really hits the nail on the head. Her hashtag with alternating color text is perfect for the avid texter who may not be as verbose in correspondence. The aqua hues and distinct shades of green will no doubt appeal to the boys.

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Day Planner, Notebook, and Address Book Challenge: Special Prize Winners

We’re big believers that it never hurts to have a notebook handy for your to-do lists, notes-to-self, and, of course, those brilliant ah-ha! moments. When we asked our Minted community of designers to show us their visions for new notebook designs, we wanted them to create something worthy of being carted around through life’s everyday moments. The results were more lovely than we could have imagined! From fanciful color palettes to refined fonts and typefaces, there’s truly something for everyone. The winners of the One For the Books! Day Planner, Notebook, and Address Book Challenge listed below each stood out in one of our special prize categories. Congratulations!

Perfect Pic Award for the best design that incorporates one photo in a minimalist or full-bleed design: “Tabbed Monogram” by Teresa Lang

Proving once and for all that simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication, Teresa’s “Tabbed Monogram” is a gorgeous use of one large photo to showcase an elegant monogram. The distinct outline draws the eye into the photo, while the typographic colorblock adds a bold focal point.