Felt Triangle Garland

By Alison Faulkner of The Allison Show

There’s nothing I love more than a good garland! Especially one that is quick, easy and versatile. I wanted to add some color to my tree this year, so I spent the afternoon whipping these up! They also look great on a mantle or wrapped around a gift.

Let’s get started with supplies …


Leather Thanksgiving Bunting

By Alison of The Alison Show

A bunting instantly dresses up any room for the holidays. Plus, you can complete this simple and chic leather bunting in the time it takes to watch a Twilight movie. Leather seems intimidating to work with, but really it’s an ideal material. It doesn’t fray, it will last for years, and this project requires no special tools.


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DIY: Thanksgiving Acorn Centerpiece

By Alison of The Alison Show

Acorns are one of fall’s perfect little understated details. I thought, why not make them larger than life and add some glitz? Can’t hurt, right? You can do this craft an easy way, or an even easier way. Or both!


With some tacky glue and glitter you have glam acorns, and for an even easier version of this craft you can simply paint your acorn with chalkboard spray paint. These acorns dress up your table nicely, and the chalkboard versions would also work well as place
cards or gift tags.

I liked the juxtaposition of the more synthetic glitter and chalkboard paint with the natural-looking yarn, but obviously you could do these in a wide variety of colors and combinations.

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