Getting Started on Minted

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6 Tips for Success in Minted Challenges
6 Tips to Inspire Originality in Your Minted Designs
8 Tips for Getting Started in the Design World
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Critiques & Feedback

10 Tips for Critiquing Minted Art and Design
7 Ways to Master Art and Design Critiques
15 Questions to Prompt Stationery Design Critiques on Minted
15 Questions to Inspire Quality Art Critiques

Creativity & Inspiration

The Minted Guide to Creating Original Work
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Setting Up a Minted Artist Store + Self-Launching Products

The Essential Checklist for Minted Artist Stores
Top 10 Tips for Curating Your Minted Artist Store
10 Tips for Taking Great Photos for Your Artist Store
How to Merchandise Your Minted Artist Store for the Holidays
Expert Tips for Self-Launching Minted Home Decor
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Building & Marketing Your Personal Brand

Minted’s 7 Tips for Creating a Unique Artist Brand
5 Tips for Building Your Creative Brand Online
Minted Affiliate Marketing 101
6 Tips for Creating Engaging Social Media Content
What are the Best Social Media Platforms For You?
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4 Pinterest Tips to Help Your Content Drive Traffic + Sales
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Advice & Stories from Minted Artists

One Artist Lives in Paris and the Other in Omaha—and They’re Like Two Peas in a Pod
Q&A: What’s Your Advice for Collaborating With Someone?
Karly Depew of Oscar & Emma Gets Real about Work-Life Balance and the Buckets of Life
Greek-Mexican-L.A. Artist Finds Creative Bliss in Letterforms

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Tutorials & Technical Tips

Award-Winning Minted Artists Share 3 Tips for Making a Good Illustrator File Great
How to Create Repeating Patterns in Illustrator
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Top 10 Tips for Preparing a Design for Minted Foiling
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Making of “Around the World” by GeekInk