Congratulations to Minted artists who were featured on Bobby Berk’s Instagram, Apartment Therapy’s Small Cool Experience, HGTV Magazine, HuffPost, and the Today Show. Join the fun of spotting Minted artists in the press by uploading PR clips on your social media with the hashtag #mintiespotting.

Bobby Berk’s Instagram Stories (June 18th, 2020) featuring “It Caused a Ripple” by Jennifer Daily and “Sundown in the Chisos” and “Dust in the Chisos” by Kati Ramer

Apartment Therapy (May 15th, 2020) Small Cool Experience at Home” featuring “Where We Dream” by Kristi Jackson, “Two Liter Ship“,”Two Percent Milk“, “Two Sisters” and “Clothespins 2” by Elliot Stokes, “Upside” by Kitty Seeber, “Domino Effect” and “Tomah” by Lorent and Leif, “Otonio” and “Avery” by Parima Studio, “Plant Cell 1” by Mary Gaspar, “Dance” by Paper Dahila, “Calm Forest No. 20” by Cait Courneya, “Tulip” by Angie McMonigal, “Array” by Van Tsao, “Beige Scene” by Alexandra Feo, “Broken Clouds” by Stephanie Goos Johnson, “Farm House” by Lindsay Megahead, “Remember:Lily of the Valley” by Renee Anne, “Semicolon” and “The Awakening” by Alex Isaacs Designs, “The Humble Egg” by Monica Loos, “Ocotillo II” by Kamala Nahas, “Flora Number One” by Leslie Hamer, “The Balancing 2” by Francesca Iannaccone, “Lupine” and “Wild Radish” by Jorey Hurley, “7th Street Hotel” by Baumbirdy, “Atelier” by Makewells, “Thumbprint” by Heather Francisco, “Amour” by Morgan Kendall, “Dippin In” by Celeste Duffy, “Zickafoose” by Misty Hughes, “Moon, Sun, and Midnight” by Deborah Velasquez, “Bold Pathways” by Ilana Greenberg, “Final Countdown” and “Untapped Potential” by Jennifer Daily, and “Soft Coral” by Caryn Owen

HGTV Magazine (June 2020) “Spot On” featuring “Fun Polka Dot” napkins by Magdalena Earnest

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