I Choose You: Valentine’s Day Greeting Cards Challenge: Special Prizes

Announcing the Special Prize winners of our I Choose You: Valentine’s Day Greeting Cards Quickfire Challenge, our first ever Valentine’s Day Greeting Card Challenge! We looked to you, our talented community of artists and writers, to create fresh Valentine’s Day designs with creative messages.

Originality Award

For the design that incorporates the best original illustration or most original copy, that has been created specifically for this challenge and not used before


More Than My Houseplants by Paper Raven Co.

Runner Up: Wheelie Like You by Haley Warner

My Funny Valentine Award

This award goes to the funniest copy.

Password Protected by Robert and Stella Runners Up: Morning Coffee by Lehan Veenker and We’re Weird by Haley Warner

Timeless Love Award

This award goes to the design that best reflects a classic Valentine’s Day look but with a fresh twist.

Folk Floral Love by Katharine Watson

Runners Up: splattered love by Kasia Labocki and Bouquet Heart by Lori Wemple

Non Traditional Color Award

This award goes to the best design that features colors that are unexpected for this holiday.

polar opposites by Vivian Yiwing

Runner Up: Found You by Belia Simm

Falling for you Award

This award goes to a card that feels appropriate for an early stage relationship, where you want to express your feelings without coming on too strong.

Well-blended by Erica Krystek

Runners Up: Partners in Crime by Jessie Steury and Hey Hot Stuff by Ana Peake

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