Minted Artists in the Press – October 2019

Congratulations to Minted artists who are featured in Real Simple Magazine, Domino, Vogue Online, and HGTV Magazine. Join the fun of spotting Minted artists in the press by uploading PR clips on your social media with the hashtag #mintiespotting.

Real Simple (October 2019) “At Home With Real Simple” featuring “Shes Blooming” by Theresa Bear, “Mousetrap” by Robert Deem, “Cadence” by Melanie Mikecz, “Pebbles” by Kelly Ventura, “Last Tuesday” by Jennifer Daily, “Three Chairs” by Michael Hovitch, “After the Storm” by Sue Prue, and “Le Passage” by Claire Abbiyesuku.


Domino (October 10, 2019) “12 Prints to Collect from Minted’s Class of Emerging Global Artists” featuring “Calm Forest No.18” and “Spring No. 16” by Cait Courneya, “Made in Heaven” and “Pink foliage” by Fernanda Martinez, “Surf’s Up” and “Two Sisters” by Elliot Stokes, “Linked” and “Plainful” by Bethania Lima, “Ocotillo IV” and “Whispered Rain” by Kamala Nahas, and “Experiments with Film 004” and “Experiments with Film 006” by Arash Fattahi Acosta.


HGTV Magazine (November 2019) Cover featuring “Sunshine Dots” by Alexandra Dzh


Vogue (September 23, 2019) “The Best Wedding Invitations You Can Buy Online” featuring wedding invitations “Spring Botanicals” by Susan Moyal, “Blue Ridge” by Amy Kross, “Winona” by Chocomocacino, “Forest Crest” by Alethea and Ruth.

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