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Written by Kelly Hird

The second day of Camp Minted started bright and early, with a flurry of excitement as artists geared up for a full day of sessions, our keynote speaker, and of course Camp Minted’s annual awards dinner and cocktail party.

Day 2: July 30, 2019

Whitney Ward, Senior Creative Lead at Pinterest, discusses social media strategies with Minted artist Patricia Vargas

Neeraj Nandkeolyar, Product Manager at Adobe, shares productivity techniques in Illustrator, as well as a sneak peek at some new features being developed to gather artists’ feedback.

Mike Scrutton, Director of Print Technology and Strategy at Adobe, demonstrates patternmaking using the new Adobe Textile Designer plugin for Photoshop.

Julie Green of Up Up Creative breaks down the process of creating and customizing brushes in Procreate.

Jennifer Daily teaches collage techniques for hand-painted paper in her collage workshop.

Kate Ahn and Megan Gonzalez, Director and Founder of MaeMae & Co, share a laugh as artists head outside to experiment with lighting during Megan’s How to Style and Photograph Your Products – Without Expensive Equipment workshop.

The Camp Minted 2019 Keynote Speech

Lise Gulassa, Jenny Partrite, and Caryn Owen enjoy the keynote speech.

After a full morning of sessions, artists gathered for our keynote speaker, Adam J. Kurtz, an artist and author whose illustrative work is rooted in honesty, humor and a little darkness. Adam delivered a hilarious, sweet, and hugely inspiring keynote speech on using design to communicate and connect authentically with others. 

Adam emphasized the importance of letting your guard down to create work from a place of authenticity. Adam’s speech was met with a standing ovation and thunderous applause. “That talk literally changed my life,” said Minted artist Erin McManness of Paper Raven Co

Minted Founder and CEO Mariam Naficy and Katie Myrick, Minted Director of Business Operations for Wedding share insider info on the wedding business.

Meg Gleason of Moglea, Carrie ONeal, and Erika Firm bond over their shared experiences in managing creative businesses, with Minted Creative Director Annie Clark moderating.

Amy Carroll discusses photography techniques in her creative photography workshop.

Melanie Severin and Lise Gulassa share advice on optimizing artwork to be launched on the Minted site, with Minted Community Support Specialist Olivia Goree moderating.

The 2019 Minted Community Awards Dinner and Ceremony

Following a full day of sessions and workshops, we kicked off the Minted Community Awards Dinner. The Minted artist community grew to represent 100 countries this year, and we were lucky to have artists from as far as South Africa and Australia with us at Camp Minted. At the dinner, we heard from artist David Michuki of Kenya, our 100th country, about what the Minted community means to him.  

In addition to our artists around the world, we celebrated another world traveler, fondly known as Scott Hsu. Six elf-on-the-shelf dolls were sent to artists to spread holiday cheer in the thick of the Holiday Challenge season. Scott ended up on epic journeys, from Iceland to Tasmania, and had a lot of fun along the way! 

Brady Wood, Minted’s SVP of Artists and Partnerships, and Mariam Naficy, CEO and founder of Minted, share a montage of Scott’s journey around the world.

(Clockwise from left:) Aspacia Kusulas, Lehan Veenker, Rebecca Durflinger, and Amy Ehmann of Design Lotus chat over cocktails. Minted CEO and Founder Mariam Naficy andBrady Wood, Minted’s SVP of Artists & Partnerships kick off the awards ceremony with a toast. Artists watch the awards ceremony. Mariam cuts the Camp Minted cake. Minted Community Product Manager Josh Pincus takes the stage for a photo flanked by Daisy Rizzo of Pixel and Hank, Allison Kincaid of AK Graphics, Julie Green of Up Up Creative, Jackie Crawford, Lea Delaveris, Erin Wilson, and Christy Bergerson of Itsy Belle Studio

Minted Community Awards Ceremony

At Minted’s Community Awards Ceremony, we recognized Minted community members for their incredible talent and embodiment of important company values. Artists were nominated by both the artist community and Minted employees for their invaluable contributions to the community. See all of the winners below!

Gif-ted Award

This award was for the best GIF curator; the artist who selects the perfect GIF to express his/her sentiment for every occasion.

Last year’s winner, Lea Delaveris, hands the Gif-ted award to this year’s winner, Jackie Crawford.

Anyone in the Minted Community Facebook group recognizes Jackie’s sparkling commentary, and most recently her expert .gif selection. Playful and witty, Jackie is always lifting spirits and generating excitement for other artists. We’d be remiss not to mention that Jackie also named Minted’s now famous holiday elf, Scott Hsu! Jackie’s contributions to the Facebook group bring smiles to all of our faces every day.

Best File Prep 

This award was for the artist who is beloved by Minted’s files team for having the perfect files that are easy to work with and quick to launch.

Previous winner Kelly Schmidt passes the award to the new winner and former Minted buddy, Julie Murray.

Minted’s production team is always pleased to receive Julie Murray’s files, and she’s known for her consistent organization and conscientiousness in preparing her artwork. With thousands of files to process every year, Julie’s are delightful to work with which helps us launch her work quickly and efficiently. 

Voice of the Artist

This award was for the artist who represents the artist voice and shares helpful, constructive feedback for Minted. This artist not only identifies the problem, but offers viable solutions. This artist stays calm and mature under pressure and keeps a positive attitude, often boosting the morale of the community and the Minted team.

A beaming Erin McManness of Paper Raven Co. accepts this year’s award from previous winner Eric Beckett of GeekInk Design.

Erin McManness of Paper Raven Co received this year’s award. Erin stays positive in the face of frustrating circumstances, sharing constructive feedback on difficult subjects and advocating for other artists with grace. She works to genuinely understand different perspectives when conflict arises and is articulate and compassionate when expressing her opinions, creating productive conversations and the opportunity for positive change.

Critique Award

This award was for the artist who helps his/her fellow community members improve and grow through constructive feedback and critique. This artist puts the needs of others first, devotes time and energy to making thoughtful comments, participates in critique groups, and shares helpful advice for new and seasoned Minted artists alike. 

This award, won last year by Nazia Hyder, went to Chris Griffith, who was unfortunately unable to join us at Camp Minted, but has clearly been connected with the community in spirit. Chris has shared feedback through 5,623 comments since joining Minted in 2011, helping other artists develop and refine their work, and we can’t thank her enough for her contributions to the community! 

Well Rounded Award

This award was for the artist who excels in many different categories at Minted. This artist is not afraid to try new product categories and has found success in new mediums.

Sarah and Carolyn of Baumbirdy accept the Well Rounded award from last year’s winner, Melanie Severin, and Brady Wood, Minted’s SVP of Artists & Partnerships.

Sarah and Carolyn have been with Minted since it’s beginnings, and they’ve had the success to prove it! The dynamic duo creates a vast range of work, from photographs of crystal formations to playful fabric patterns and festive holiday cards and it’s been amazing to watch their styles evolve over the years, staying true to their simple yet powerful motto: “Use your imagination”. 

Emerging Fine Artist of the Year

This award was for a newer, promising Minted artist who demonstrates evidence of artistic imagination and individuality in pursuit of his/her passion and dedication to his/her craft. 

This award, awarded to Ashleigh Ninos last year, went to Francesca Iannaccone, who was also unable to attend Camp Minted but who has been delighting Minted’s Merchandising team with a wonderful array of eye catching, playful, and unique artwork over the past three years. She punctuates dreamy background layers with pops of vivid color, capturing the essence of her subjects with deceptively simple forms, used with compositional mastery. We can’t wait to see more from her!

Emerging Designer of the Year

This award was for a newer, promising Minted designer who demonstrates evidence of artistic imagination and individuality in pursuit of his/her passion and dedication to his/her craft.

Carrie Moradi accepts the Emerging Designer of the Year award from last year’s winner, Sara Harding of Robert and Stella.

Carrie’s distinctive collage art sets a bold, colorful backdrop for her work. Her style translates seamlessly to a variety of categories, from holiday to wedding and fine art, and her use of shape and color ranges from atmospheric to graphic. Carrie has received 10 wins since joining Minted just over a year ago, and we can’t wait to see what she does next!

Fine Artist of the Year Award

This award was for the artist who pushes the boundaries of art and creates innovative artwork that is unique and unlike anything seen before. This artist stays true to his/her own vision and shapes and inspires the world of art. His/her substantial body of work sets the bar for creative excellence.

Kamala Nahas accepts the Fine Artist of the Year award from Minted Creative Director Annie Clark.

Kamala has created an enormous body of evocative work since joining Minted in 2011. Kamala is probably best known for her stunning seascapes capturing the breadth of emotions and aesthetics the ocean evokes. Her thoughtful approach to her subjects is evident in her work, and her photographs always give the sense that there’s a story beneath the surface. Kamala’s talent surpasses a single subject, and she captures architecture, geological formations, and plant life with the same mastery. She’s even tried her hand at graphic artwork lately, and we look forward to seeing her continue to grow as an artist. 

Designer of the Year Award

This award, for the designer who pushes the boundaries of design and creates innovative work that is unique and unlike anything seen before. This designer stays true to his/her own vision and shapes and inspires the world of design. His/her substantial body of work sets the bar for creative excellence.

Erin McManness of Paper Raven Co. accepts the Designer of the Year award from Minted founder and CEO Mariam Naficy and Minted Creative Director Annie Clark. 

Erin’s distinctive, painterly illustrations burst with warmth and sweetness, and her work blends elegant and playful elements flawlessly. Erin’s style translates to an impressive range of products and has led to her success in a variety of design categories. Besides being an exceptionally talented designer, Erin is always willing to share her techniques and knowledge, helping others grow with her.


Copywriter of the Year Award

 This award was for the writer who comes up with the best original wording that sells cards off of the shelf.

Ashley Peterson of 2birdstone accepts the Copywriter of the Year award from Minted founder and CEO Mariam Naficy.

Ashlee has always had an impressive range of style, creating and blending a variety of aesthetics from fine art to almost all categories of stationery design, but she recently revealed another talent – copywriting! Witty and charming, Ashlee’s clever copy has had Minted and Target customers chuckling since the launch of the greeting card collection. 

Community Award

This award was for the artist who goes above and beyond in helping Minted build and strengthen its community: welcoming new artists, building engagement and fun, and fostering a kind, helpful, ‘pay it forward’ culture. This artist deeply cares for his/her fellow community members, always puts the community first, and nurtures and supports a diversity of perspectives and backgrounds within the community.

Last year’s winner, Amy Ehmann of Design Lotus, and Minted CEO and founder Mariam Naficy announce the Community Award winner, Nazia Hyder.

Last, but far from least, this year’s Community Award went to Nazia Hyder. Nazia is beloved by all for lifting artists up with her kind and supportive comments, helpful feedback on submissions, and her infectious positivity and passion for all things Minted. While Nazia wasn’t able to join us this year, she was certainly here in spirit!

Day 2 of Camp Minted left us brimming with inspiration and excitement, thanks to our talented speakers, workshop leaders, and most of all, our incredible artist community. Watching artists who had known each other online for years meet for the first time and share their experiences was truly magical.


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