Written by Annie Shapiro

With thousands of submissions to this year’s Non-Foil and Foil-Pressed Holiday Photo Card Challenges, it was as difficult as ever to narrow down the designs in our final Holiday Card assortment. We carefully review every single design, and we were so impressed by the quality and ingenuity of submissions this year. As always, the artist community surfaced emerging trends and displayed its continued ability to reinvent holiday card design. 

We deeply value each and every submission from Minted’s community of independent artists and are so grateful for the time and creative energy you invest in your work. The depth and breadth of your craft are what infuse life into each and every Minted holiday card. I am thrilled to announce the third-place winners, as determined by voters, of Minted’s 2019 So Very Merry Non-Foil-Pressed and Foil-Pressed Holiday Card Challenges. 

2019 So Very Merry  Quickfire Foil-Pressed Holiday Photo Card Challenge

3rd Place Winner

2019 So Very Merry Non-Foil-Pressed Holiday Photo Card Challenge

3rd Place Winner

Congratulations, Morgan Ramberg and Oma N. Ramkhelawan!

Morgan’s whimsical winter wonderland illustrated in fresh watercolor feels like a breath of fresh air. “Winter Ice” features familiar winter animals offset against a pink-tinted backdrop, and evokes the spirit of the winter season. 

Oma’s “Modern Gilded Joy” blends bold typography with delicate greenery. The cascading letters of “JOY” and elegant botanical photo frame come together for an elegant, modern design. 

Stay tuned! We’ll continue to announce Minted Holiday 2019 winners in the Minted Community > Winners section of Julep.

Annie Shapiro is Minted’s Holiday Merchant and this is her third go-around at launching Minted’s Holiday Card collection.

*Please note that we will keep the Challenge page hidden until our final winners’ announcement. At that time, you will be able to see your final score and ranking on the Challenge page.


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