New Formats Children’s Birthday Greeting Card Challenge: Special Prizes

Announcing the New Formats: Children’s Birthday Greeting Card Challenge special prize winners!

The world of children’s birthday cards is full of bold, 3D cards with unique printing types and embellishments, and we’re thrilled to announce that Minted will be launching a new formats children’s birthday card challenge to add new options to the industry. For this challenge, we asked for birthday cards for boys and girls ages 1 to 21.

Congratulations to all of our winners!

Birthday Boy Award
Goes to the best birthday card intended for a boy

Dinomite Birthday by melanie mikecz

Runner-up: Hey Wild Thing! by Kayla King.

The Game Time Award
This goes to the most innovative overall card that uses any of our new formats to create an interactive activity or giftable item. The sky’s the limit: it could be a maze that starts with a scratch off and travels across three pages, or a removable die-cut that becomes a bookmark.

Hay There! Happy Birthday! by Pace Creative Design Studio

Runner-up: happy birdday by Frooted Design.

Die-Cut Award
Goes to to the card that features the most creative use of our new die-cut capabilities, including perforation. Think die-cut edges and punch-out bookmarks or stencils!

Magical Mermaids by peetie design

Runners-up: sweet fruit by Karidy Walker and You Rule by Kelsey Mucci.

Early Milestones Award
Goes to card that celebrates first, second, or third birthdays

Young, Wild & Three! by Oma N. Ramkhelawan

Runner-up: Narwhal by Lori Wemple.

The Scratch-Off Award
Goes to the most clever card featuring scratch-off elements on the front of the card.

Toucan Tweet Birthday Wishes by Pace Creative Design Studio

Stuck on you! Award
This award goes to the most creative sticker sheet that features a variety of fun stickers that complement the overall card design.

torroncini by chocomocacino

Runners-up: Beep Beep Honk! by Shiny Penny Studio and Blossom Birthday by frau brandt.

It Takes Two Award
To celebrate artist collaboration, this award goes to the best pairing of original writing and design by two different people.
$350. Both the writer and designer will receive this prize.

Ninja Astronaut Dinosaur Birthday by Alisa Wismer & Leslie Borchert

Newbie Award
Goes to the strongest design from a newbie artist.

cake & ice cream by Tracy Wagner

Runner-up: your cake awaits by Alicia Abla.

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