New Formats Children’s Birthday Greeting Card Challenge: Special Prizes

Announcing the New Formats: Children’s Birthday Greeting Card Challenge special prize winners!

The world of children’s birthday cards is full of bold, 3D cards with unique printing types and embellishments, and we’re thrilled to announce that Minted will be launching a new formats children’s birthday card challenge to add new options to the industry. For this challenge, we asked for birthday cards for boys and girls ages 1 to 21.

Congratulations to all of our winners!

Birthday Boy Award
Goes to the best birthday card intended for a boy

Dinomite Birthday by melanie mikecz

Runner-up: Hey Wild Thing! by Kayla King.

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Global artists unite for annual Camp Minted conference: Day 1 Recap

Photos by Jacob Loafman Photography.

Written by Julie Black

Nearly 200 Minted artists gathered under the neon (yet tasteful) lights of the JW Marriott Hotel in Las Vegas this July. From watercolor workshops to inspirations sessions teaching that “some people just won’t like you,” Camp Minted 2019 was a jam-packed three days of creativity, learning, and camaraderie. We’re holding onto that Camp Minted feeling for as long as possible, starting with a visual summary of Day 1.

The energy on Day 1 was contagious as Minted artists poured in from as far as India and South Africa and as close as the local area. Regardless, each and every artist rushed from session to session to, yet another, session, determined to absorb as much knowledge and inspiration as possible. We’ve included only a few of the many highlights from this Day below.

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How to Write Your Minted Product Description

Written by Mimi Werdegar

Congratulations! Now that your design has won a Minted challenge, your next step is to write a product description. Product descriptions appear in the bottom right of each product page under the “Details” tab. To match the high quality and luxe standard we hold our designs to, your product descriptions must also be impeccable. Don’t let this scare you, though — each description should only be a couple sentences at most! Find helpful advice for writing product descriptions after the jump.

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Minted In The Press – August 2019

Congratulations to Minted artists who were featured in The Knot, The View, Forbes Online, and HGTV Magazine. Join the fun of spotting Minted artists in the press by uploading PR clips on your social media with the hashtag #mintiespotting.


The Knot Regional Issues (Fall/Winter 2019) “A Suite For Every Shade” featuring wedding stationery: Modern Initials by Lori Wemple, Gilt Agate by Kaydi Bishop, River Rock by AK Graphics, Bowtie Chevron by Baumbirdy, Painted Sea by Hooray Creative, Direction by Owl and Toad, Coastal Lines by Grace Kreinbrink, Single Swath by Angela Marzuki, Blue Tides by Erin Deegan, This Love by Eric Clegg, Wedding Enchantment by Chris Griffith, Urban Sophisticate by Carol Fazio, Entredeux by Kimberly Morgan, Tidal Blooms by Grace Kreinbrink, and Mod Block by Little Words Design.


The View (July 31, 2019) Back to School Giveaway featuring “School Days” photo art by Sara Hicks Malone, “Space Planets” notebook by Susanne Kasielke, “Compendium” notebook by Oscar & Emma, “Nice Work” notebook by Heather Francisco, “Blast Off” children’s stationery by Griffenbell Paper Co., “Line It Up” children’s stationery by Oscar & Emma, “No Dairy” custom name labels by Jessie Stuery, “Pop of Color” custom name labels by Shirley Lin Schneider, “Big Month” grand photo calendar by Erin Deegen, “School’s In” notebook by Annie Montgomery, “Dedication” art print by Lehan Veenker, “Live in Color” art print by Char-Lynn Griffiths, and “French Phone” art print by Morgan Kendall.

HGTV Magazine (August 2019) “The Most Organized Wall In The World” featuring “Be Rad” by Christine Sullivan Houlihan, “Color Wheel” by Melanie Mikecz , and “Vase With Blue Stripes” by Lindsay Megahed.

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