Dream Big Nursery & Kids Wall Mural Challenge: Special Prizes

Announcing the Special Prize winners of our Dream Big Nursery & Kids Wall Mural Challenge! We’re thrilled to soon offer wall murals for nurseries and children’s bedrooms. Our customers are excited to use this fun, lightweight and large-scale format for their children’s rooms. We looked to you, our talented community of artists, to push the boundaries of our newest product and see the world through the eyes of a child. We were looking for designs that inspire children and build their imagination through Minted’s largest artwork yet.

Congratulations to all of our winners!

Nursery Award
For the best wall mural for a nursery

Embrace Greenery by jinseikou

Embrace Greenery

Runners-up: Dreamy by Sumak Studio and Forecast no. 46 by Ashleigh Ninos

Boy’s Room Award
For the best wall mural for boys, ages 4 to 9

Through space and time by Raven Erebus

Runners-up: Outer Space by Oma N. Ramkhelawan and Fun in the sea by Bethania Lima

Placed Art Award
For the wall mural that looks like a hand-painted art piece on a wall
$500 and a custom sized mural for your home (up to 125 sq ft)

Afternoon Tea Party by Lauren Packard

Runners-up: Crystal castles by Raven Erebus and By the Bay by Jenny Partrite

Photography Award
For the best piece of photography that successfully scales up to our large wall mural dimensions
$300 and $100 Blick or B&H Gift Card

Wispy by Karen Kaul

Drawing Award
For the most unique style of drawing
$300 and $100 Blick or B&H Gift Card

TigerTiger by Marcia Biasiello

Runners-up:  In the City by Shiny Penny Studio and San Francisco by Neeta Sawhney

Girl’s Room Award
For the best wall mural for girls, ages 4 to 9

Forest Village by Krissy Bengtson

Runners-up: Wild Dreams by Nicoletta Savod and Imagine Blooms by Maggie Burns

Repeating Pattern Award
For the most creative and unique pattern design that has a repeat that looks thoughtfully tossed and does not appear linear

Fish Swirl by Jason Grimes

Runners-up: Geometric plants by FERNANDA MARTINEZ and Gardens by Anna Stout-Tuckwiller

Statement Award
For the best bold and bright wall mural

A Painter’s Reverie by On Lane Avenue

Runners-up: Safe as houses by Raven Erebus and In The Sahara by Katy Tanis

Set the Scene Award
For the artwork that will transform a baby or a child’s room into a scene

Young genius at work by Frooted Design

Runners-up: Winter is here by Maja Cunningham and Alaska Pines by Kelsey McNatt

Critique Award
For providing helpful critique to artists during the challenge

Congratulations, Rebecca Rueth!

Published July 3, 2019

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