Crazy in Love Foil-Pressed Wedding Invitation Challenge: Special Prizes

Announcing the Special Prize winners of our Crazy in Love Foil-Pressed Wedding Invitation Challenge! This year, we were excited to debut 5 new foil textures during our foil-pressed wedding challenge: Black, Bronze, Ice Blue, Pure White, and Iridescent Pearl. We looked for a wide range of styles in this challenge that would appeal to our customers’ diverse tastes, and were blown away by the submissions using our existing foil types as well as our new foil types.

Congratulations to all of our winners!

Out of the Box Award
For the most design-forward, innovative wedding invitation that you would only find at Minted.

$2,500, a dedicated Minted Marketing email, and guaranteed placement on the first page of the Minted Wedding Invitation Category for at least eight weeks

Banded Arch by Baumbirdy

Runners-up: Romantic Waves by Angela Garrick and Starburst by Alethea and Ruth

Elegant & Formal Award
Our couples are always looking for formal and elegant designs. This award is for the design that best lays the groundwork for a sophisticated, classic wedding.

$1,500 and guaranteed placement on the first page of the Minted Wedding
Invitation Category for at least eight weeks

Sofisticato by Amy Payne

Runners-up: Intricate by Design Lotus and Boho Elegance by Sara Hicks Malone

Original Artwork Award
For the design that incorporates the best original drawing, illustration, or lettering that has been made specifically for this Challenge and not used before.

$1,000 and a yearlong subscription to Adobe Illustrator (valued at $240)

Impressions by Lindsay Megahed

Runners-up: Santa Fe by Erin L. Wilson, Moody floral by Angela Marzuki, and Tribal
by Laura Bolter Design

End-to-End Award
For the most beautiful end-to-end wedding suite that thoughtfully designs each piece from invitation + accessories to day-of stationery. This award is for the suite with individual pieces that truly complement each other vs. directly match and create a cohesive look when put together.

$750 and an iPad Pro (or different iPad model up to $900)

Novel Charm by Olivia Raufman

Runner-up: Al Fresco by Lucrecia

Foil Form Function Award
This award goes to the design that best uses foil-pressed design elements in a way that is integral to the design itself.


Pointillist rose leaves by Jennifer Wick

Runners-up: Oui by Gwen Bedat and Nicolette by Susan Zinader

All-in-One Award
For the most creative design in a Foil-Pressed All-in-One Invitation based on a repurpose of the invitation.


Radiant Frame by Meggy Masters

Runners-up: Cascading Vine by Susan Moyal, Impressionist by Lori Wemple, and Diamond Criss Cross by Alethea and Ruth

Perfect Match Award
Wedding customers love that they can choose matching Minted Envelope designs. This award is for the most creative envelope design that adds something extra special to the invitation.

$500 and guaranteed placement in a Minted Marketing email

Garden Swirls by Laura Bolter

Runners-up: Midnight Fresco by Amanda Lawrence, Painted Bouquet by Karidy Walker, and Fresh Vines by Susan Moyal

Fall-ing In Love Award
For the design that appeals to couples getting married in the fall/winter.

$500 and a 1-year Minted More Membership (valued at $50)

Frosted Forest by Karidy Walker

Runners-up: Snowcapped by Amy Payne and Blueridge by Jackie Crawford

Simple & Minimalist Award
For the best design with a simple, edited, and clean aesthetic.

$500 and a $50 Minted credit

Sweet and Simple by Ink and Letter

Runners-up: The Bias by Amy Kross, Overlap by Sara Hicks Malone, and Understated Love by Jessica Corliss

Newbie Award
For the best design from a designer winning for the first time.

$450 and a $50 Minted credit

Mandala by Char-Lynn Griffiths

Runners-up: Gold Ampersand by Reilley Barringer and Lush Monstera Love by

Critique Award
For providing helpful critique to other artists in the challenge.

Congratulations, Jennifer Holbrook!

Published June 29, 2019

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