File Prep Tips

by Olivia Goree

June 19, 2019
How to set up foil artwork in Illustrator

It’s important that foil elements are set up a specific way in final files– this allows us to properly create foil dies for our printers to use, as well as correctly create site imagery for your design. Foil elements should be combined into one compound path, using only one clipping mask to crop the foil image. Note that this is per artboard (so if you are using the combined templates, you should have a single compound path with foil elements for each item in your suite). Follow these steps below to create your foil artwork correctly:

1. Expand foil design elements, so they are set as fill-only vector elements (meaning no strokes).
All foil elements should be in vector format and set as “fill-only” (no strokes applied). If foil elements include strokes, expand appearance to convert them to fill-only by going to Object > Expand within Illustrator.

2. Make foil element(s) a single compound path.
Combine your foil design elements into one compound path by using the Compound Path function in the Object menu (select all elements you want to foil on the artboard and go to Object > Compound Path > Make).

3. Place foil .jpeg texture in Illustrator directly behind the compound path.
Place the desired Minted foil or gloss texture in your Illustrator file by going to Object > Place. Make sure the compound path is sitting on top of the foil/gloss texture.

4. Select both compound path & foil texture and create a clipping mask.
With both elements selected, create a compound path by going to Object > Clipping Mask > Make. When you’re done, place this on the FOIL layer in your templates.

May 10, 2019
How to easily place high-resolution photos into Adobe Illustrator files

There are a variety of ways to place an image into Adobe Illustrator, but one process in particular optimizes your file for the Minted Production team (and helps avoid errors with large . Follow these steps to place a photo in your file and scale it down within Illustrator.

1. In Illustrator, go to “File” > “Place”.

2. Select the desired photo from the pop-up box and click “Place”.

3. Click and drag the photo to achieve the desired photo size.

Then to scale down the photo…

4. With the photo selected, go to “Object” > “Rasterize”.

5. In the “Resolution” section, select “High (300 ppi)”.
Make sure “Background” is set to “Transparent,” then click “OK”.

Olivia Goree is a Community Support Specialist on the Artist Relations Team at Minted. She is the design community’s source of contact regarding file preparation and submission. She is also a member of the Minted community and has a strong passion for hand-lettering and typography, which can be seen in her work. Visit Olivia’s Minted Artist Store and follow her on Instagram @oliviagoree or @oliviagoreedesign.

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