Most Memorable Minted Moments of 2018

We’ve already plunged wholeheartedly into the new year, but we believe in taking time to reflect on what made 2018 truly momentous. Thank you for helping to make Minted’s 10th anniversary year one for the books. And thank you to the Minted artists who shared their anonymous feedback in the Most Memorable Minted Moments poll. Here’s a look back (in no particular order) at some of the noteworthy events, product launches, and surprises that stood out in the minds of Minted artists around the world.

Camp Minted and surprising Petra Kern

August 7, 2018: Petra Kern was nearly speechless in the moments after Minted Founder and CEO Mariam Naficy presented the award for winning top prize in Minted’s What a Bright Time Holiday Photo Card Challenge.

We’re not sure which event was more memorable: Camp Minted or when Minted Founder and CEO Mariam Naficy surprised Petra Kern during Camp Minted. Toward the end of the live-broadcast community awards dinner ceremony, Mariam approached table 14, holding an oversized check facing inward to hide the name on the payable line. “I think you’re probably realizing,” Mariam said. “I am holding a $10,000 check. Right, Elvis? I’m here to award the 2018 Holiday Card Challenge winner. … My heart is pounding. I’m very nervous. I’m going to approach… and the winner is: Petra Kern.”


As the largest “Mintie meetup” to date, nearly 200 Minted artists traveled from around the world to attend the Las Vegas retreat, August 6–8. With a series of insightful panels, design workshops, and creative meetings of the mind, many attendees viewed Camp Minted as an action-packed way to celebrate Minted’s 10-year anniversary.

“Camp Minted was life-changing,” writes a Minted artist anonymously in the Minted Moments poll. “I’d built some relationships virtually prior to that, but getting to real-life connect with these amazing people was invaluable.”

Minted Founder and CEO Mariam Naficy hugs Petra Kern, the first-place winner of Minted’s Holiday Photo Card Challenge.

Minted artists at Camp Minted from left: Susan Asbill, Stacey Meacham, Karidy Walker, and Heather Francisco.

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Moving to monthly commission payments was a Very. Big. Deal.

We’ve interpreted the “amazeballs” and “heck yeah!” gifs that artists posted on the Community Facebook Group to represent Minted artists’ happiness about the transition from quarterly to monthly commission payments. In 2018, we also began delivering artist commission reports in Excel and implemented Payoneer, a new payment platform for processing artist payments and tax forms. “Monthly payments are EVERYTHING,” writes an anonymous Minted artist in the Most Memorable Minted Moments poll. “I can’t believe we got by on quarterly ones before. It’s been by far one of the very best changes to the Minted model in the last year!”

Hitting the bullseye with the Minted + Target partnership

“BIG NEWS!! Two of my greeting card designs are now being sold at Target. #dreamsdocometrue” writes Minted artist Jennifer Pace Duran on her Twitter and Instagram.

When Minted made its Target debut with everyday greeting cards in fall 2017, we were excited about entering a whole new product category. Target guests were just as delighted with Minted’s new line of cards as the Minted artists whose designs were displayed at one of the world’s most recognized retailers. Armed with our learnings from the kickoff, in 2018 Minted expanded its Target partnership with Mother’s Day greeting cards, followed by the rollout of 49 holiday products, including 16 sets of boxed holiday cards, single greeting cards and holiday gift packaging items.

One anonymous artist commented in the Minted Moments poll that Minted Greeting Cards Challenges have given her a fresh new perspective on her designs. ”It’s been amazing to see how diverse Minted has become and how they’ve opened so many more doors for me as an artist,” she writes.

Melanie Mikecz’s “Multicultural Santas” design made a positive impression in Target stores and on this Scary Mommy writer.

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Making social posts a cinch with Holiday flat-lay templates

Minted artist Ashley Peterson of 2 Bird Stone used a Minted Holiday Flat Lay template posted this Instagram post to promote her “Super Happy New Year” card.

In late September 2018, we created a series of flat-lay templates to help Minted artists promote their holiday cards on their social media, sparking loads of Instajoy. “Flat-lay templates offer an easy and beautiful way to showcase my Minted designs,” says Ashley Peterson of 2 Bird Stone in Montgomery, Alabama. “They’re especially helpful for the retired holiday cards I launched to my storefront with Custom self-Launch.”

Celebrating 10 years of innovation at the National Stationery Show

The “Black Sheep” Minted Art Mural by Rose Lindo of Edmond, Oklahoma, took center stage at Minted the NSS booth, alongside displays of Minted Greeting Cards.

Minted’s presence at the National Stationery Show has grown a lot over the years, but one of our favorite aspects of the annual event remains constant: meeting up with Minted artists. In addition to the Minted booths at NSS and the nearby ICFF home furnishings show, we had a balloon-filled blast celebrating our 10th anniversary with artists during the Community Cocktail Party. Read the NSS 2018 recap story >>

Minted artists traveled from all around to attend the Minted Cocktail Party during NSS in 2018.

The Rainbow Cake from Flour Shop by Amirah Kassem was a party in and of itself!

Pioneering a new, innovative format with all-in-one cards

“Blast Off” Minted All-In-One birth announcement by Griffinbell Paper Co.

Following on the heels of successful launches of Minted’s innovative All-In-One Wedding Invitations in 2017, we introduced All-In-One Birth Announcements in October 2018 followed by All-In-One Holiday cards. To develop the All-In-One collections, we repurposed some of Minted’s existing designs and also invited winners of 2018 Wedding Invitation Challenge to submit all-in-one formats along with the traditional card format.

Francois Carrara, Minted’s Director of Merchandising Operations, says his team enjoys finding ways to repurpose existing designs to maximize commission earning opportunities for artists. “Creating multiple product formats out of an initial design is one of the ways we try to help artists focus on creativity,” he says.

Recognizing artists’ achievements with Community Shout-Outs

Early in the year, we added a “Special Shout-outs” to the Winners page to celebrate Minted artists’ major milestones. The rotating carousel highlights first-time wins as well as 25th, 50th, 100th wins, etc.

Making art larger than life with Wall Murals

“Construct 1” Minted removable wall mural by Ashleigh Ninos

Minted dove deeper into the world of large-scale art in September 2018 with the launch of Wall Murals, followed quickly by an October rollout of Children’s and Nursery Wall Murals. The adhesive, removable wall panels have become a hit with people who want to make a big impact without the major commitment.

Minted partnered with ScaleUp to create museum-quality photographs of artists’ original paintings and drawings, making it possible to scale their work up to just about any size from 6’w x 8.25’h to 15’w x 12.25’h. Murals are attracting a growing segment of customers, and provide new opportunities for artists’ work to be seen in a unique light. Read more about the process of scaling large-format art >>

Click to take a video tour of The Minted Store, shown here in December 2018.

Opening the new Minted brick-and-mortar store

The second iteration of The Minted Store opened its doors on Black Friday, at 1919 Fillmore Street in San Francisco. Showcasing a beautifully curated breadth of Minted’s online offerings, the new Minted store carries Minted Art (including in-store printing and framing), stationery, greeting cards, Little Mint, home decor, and more. After about two years at its original location in the heart of the touristy Union Square area, the new store is right at home in Pacific Heights, one of the city’s most beautiful and viewtastic neighborhoods.

About the Author: Amy Cuevas Schroeder, Minted’s Senior Manager of Community Content, founded Venus, the magazine about women in the arts and DIY culture, and has written for Etsy, West Elm, NYLON, and Pitchfork. Connect on Instagram @thevenuslady.

Published January 17, 2019

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