A Date to Remember Save the Date Challenge: Special Prizes

Love is in the air, and we’re excited to announce the Special Prize winners of our A Date To Remember Save The Date Challenge! Many couples come to Minted in search of unique and beautiful designs to help reserve their wedding date and set the tone for their special day. In this Challenge, we looked for a broad range of fresh, highly unique designs that will appeal to our diverse customer base. We were seeking a range of styles extending from elegant reinvented classics to bold and modern to Millennial minimalism.

Congratulations to all our eye-catching winners!

Out of the Box Award
For the most design-forward, innovative Save The Date that you would only find at Minted.

romantic evening by Sumak Studio

Runners-up: artistic by Kate Ahn, A Million Times by Paper Raven Co, and Painterly
by Four Wet Feet Studio

Original Artwork Award
For the design that incorporates the best original drawing, illustration, or lettering that has
been made specifically for this Challenge and not used before.

Misty Trees by Stacey Meacham

Runners-up: midnight garden by Grace Kreinbrink, Tropical by Kelly Schmidt, and Terrazzo
by Amy Payne

Modern and Minimal Award
For the best design that embodies a restrained design aesthetic – simple and clean,
and allows the photo to stand out.

magnetic by Ashlee Townsend

Runners-up: Hudson by Toast and Laurel, happening by Faith Dorn, and understated
by Sara Hicks Malone

Elegant and Formal Award
Our couples are always looking for formal and elegant designs. This award is for the design
that best lays the groundwork for a sophisticated, classic wedding.

Hold on by Carolyn Maclaren

Runners-up: A new adventure by Anastasia Makarova, Nestled by Roxy Cervantes, and
Initially Bold by Karidy Walker

Perfect Match Award
Wedding customers love that they can choose matching Minted Envelope designs. This award is for the most creative envelope design that adds something extra special to the Save the Date.

Mod Date by Creo Study

Name in Lights Award
For the design that best highlights the couple’s names in a unique or bold way.

offbeat by Kimberly FitzSimons

Runners-up: Brush Strokes by Travel and Tart, Modern Names by Maria Hilas Louie, and
Chic by Kelly Schmidt

Date in Lights Award
For the design that best highlights the couple’s wedding date in a unique or bold way.

classic love story by Susanne Kasielke

Runners-up: Decorate the day by Lauren Chism, Fresh Date by Jessica Williams, and
Ansel by Robert and Stella

Multi-Photo Award
Customers love our multi-photo designs because they let them show off the full variety of their photoshoot in one card. This award goes to the best design the utilizes multiple photos.

Modern Day by Baumbirdy

Runners-up: Four-ever Diamonds by fatfatin, Portfolio by Robin Ott, and Love Series by
Kimberly FitzSimons

Original Copy Award
Most of the designs in our current assortment place emphasis on “Save the Date” or the couples’ names as the most prominent text on the card. This award is for the most inventive and unique copy that shows an alternative way to say “Save the Date”.

All the Feels by Chandler Lettin

Runners-up: The Perks by Pistols, The next chapter by Laura Bolter design, and Because Cake
by Erin L. Wilson

Curvilinear Award
For the best design that puts customizable text on a curvilinear path.

Ampersand Us by Gwen Bedat

Runner-up: Elegant Curves by Annie Walker

Newbie Award
For the best design from a designer winning for the first time.

Sloane by Society Paper Goods

Runners-up: Stacked Initials by Ashley Lopez, Simple + Chic by Grace Dille, and cut-paper bells
by Carrie Moradi

Critique Award
For providing helpful critique to other artists in the challenge.

Congratulations, Jessica Williams!

Published January 9, 2019

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