Minted Artists Are Thinking Bigger After Successful Wall Murals Launch

Written by Daryl Lindsey

Sometimes bigger is better. Minted dove deeper into the world of large-scale art when we launched Wall Murals — adhesive, removable wall panels that can be scaled to any size from 6’w x 8.25’h to 15’w x 12.25’h — in September, followed quickly by an October launch for Children’s and Nursery Wall Murals.

“Painted Midnight Garden” Removable Minted Wall Mural by Teo, a Minted artist based in Ploiesti, Romania.

Since launching, the murals have been met with resounding enthusiasm, featured in publications including Architectural Digest and LonnyMag, picking up steam on Pinterest, and earning high engagement on social media. “One of our top-performing posts on Instagram featured our new Children’s murals, garnering over five times our average engagement. Our followers are excited about these murals,” said a Minted social media representative. Wall murals are an aspirational product—they’re trendy, fun, and visually striking. Murals are a big trend in interior design, especially for children’s nursery rooms.

Wall Murals Expand Minted’s Product Offerings and Create New Opportunities for Artists

With typical sizing for Minted’s art prints ranging from 5” by 7” to 40” by 54”, the much-larger murals provide artists an opportunity to think on a much bigger sale and imagine their art as truly larger-than-life. “This is the biggest we’ve ever printed out art. It’s exciting for an artist to see their work take up an entire wall,” a Minted art merchant says.

Murals also provide a chance to reach an entirely new set of customers. “It’s completely new territory for us,” Minted’s art merchant adds. “We’re expanding our options for customers and growing our customer base. We’ve talked about launching other types of wall coverings, so this is our first step into that land.”

“Peek A Boo” Removable Minted Wall Mural by Helen H. Wu of Des Moines, Iowa

“Sun River” Removable Minted Wall Mural by Lise Gulassa

What Artists Should Keep in Mind

File size

High-resolution files are essential in order to scale your art to the correct proportions. “We’ve had a lot of pieces be ineligible for murals because it wasn’t possible to scale them,” a Minted merchandising representative says.

If you’re hoping to submit and sell Minted Wall Murals, consider the following:

– Photography: Your photo quality will only ever be as good as the camera you’re using. Make sure you’re using a professional-grade camera that is set to shoot in the highest-possible resolution.

– Digital art: Digitally created work can scale up infinitely, making it easy to create eligible works of art.

  • Original artwork: Minted has partnered with ScaleUp to create museum-quality photographs of artists’ original paintings and drawings, a $200 value that makes it possible to scale their work up to correct mural sizing without sacrificing quality.

Eligible artists can mail in their original artwork to be scanned, after which Minted will deal with the high resolution file. You can read our instructions about how to safely package and mail art here.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Daryl Lindsey is a freelance writer and editor in Salt Lake City, Utah, where she lives with her husband and rescue pup, Zoey. She’s an avid snowboarder, espresso lover, and food-obsessed amateur chef.

Published November 28, 2018

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