In Good Company Corporate Holiday Card Challenge: Special Prizes

We’re excited to announce the special prizes from our In Good Company Corporate Holiday Card Challenge! Companies large and small often choose to send an annual card to their partners and clients, wishing them well or thanking them for their business. We looked to you, our talented community of artists, to bring on the corporate cheer and submit a broad range of innovative designs to refresh our 2018 corporate card assortment.

Put your hands together for the winners!

Non-Denominational Award
For a card that a company could send to any recipient to wish them a happy holiday season, without being easily identifiable as a ‘Christmas’ card (colors that do not include red, Christmas design elements, etc).

Watercolor Snowflakes by Genna Cowsert

Runners-up: Modern brushed by Summer Winkelman, Grateful by Jessie Steury, and
Snowflake Joy by Little Print Design

Modern Minimalist Award
For the best design that features deliberate use of type, negative space, and/or illustrative elements to create a refined whole that feels simple and clean.

Aperol by chocomocacino

Runners-up: Grateful hearts by Amy Kross and Geo Frame by Shirley Lin Schneider

Out of the Box Award
For the most design-forward, innovative corporate holiday card that you would only find at Minted.

Half Circle Pattern by melanie mikecz

Runner-up: Engraved Peace by Oma N. Ramkhelawan

Corporate Cool Award
Many of our most popular corporate designs feature a cool color scheme (think blue, green, grey, etc.). This award is for the best design in a cool color palette.

Stylish Dots by Erica Krystek

Runners-up: Noel by Kiersten Garner, Seasonal Sprig by Lehan Veenker, and Greenest Holidays by Monika Drachal

Typographic Award
For the best design that uses typography as the main graphic element of the card.

So much joy by Michelle Taylor

Runners-up: Woodblock Peace by Robert and Stella, Joyful Statement by Hooray Creative, and Editorial by Everett Paper Goods

Originality Award
For the design that incorporates the best original drawing, illustration, or lettering that has been made specifically for this Challenge and not used before.

Gold Letter Peace by Zhay Smith

Runner-up: Deconstructed christmas tree by Morgan Kendall

Company Logo Award
For the design that best incorporates a company logo.

MERRY PLAY by Nazia Hyder

Industry Award
Some of our most common industries among customers include real estate agents, financial services (accountants, tax preparers and financial planners), lawyers, interior designers, doctors, and construction businesses. This award is for the best design that is uniquely suited to a company in a specific industry.

Inspiration Board by Kacey Kendrick Wagner

Runner-up: Nailed It by J. Dario Design Co.

New Year Cheer Award
Some companies choose to send New Year cards instead of Holiday cards. This award is for the best New Year-specific design.

Abstract Cheers by Robert and Stella

Runners-up: Lush new year by Qing Ji, Deck the desks by Gwen Bedat, and
Quasar by Ana Sharpe

Merrily Matching Award
Minted tends to promote more heavily those cards which have unique matching Minted Envelope designs for their holiday cards. This award is for the most creative envelope styling.

Snowflakes by Benita Crandall

Runners-up: Seasonal Sprig by Lehan Veenker, Intricate frame by Erin Deegan, and
Colorful joy by Karidy Walker

Vision of Die-Cuts Award
For the design that best showcases one of Minted’s unique die-cut shapes.

Holiday pie chart by Anupama

Runner-up: Ornamental Greenery by Creo Study

Newbie Award
For the best design from a first-time entrant.

Joyful Home by AK Designs

Runner-up: Peaceful Trees by Katy Abraham

Critique Award

For providing helpful critique to other artists in the challenge.

Congratulations Lea Delaveris!

Published November 27, 2018

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