Minted Design Trade Program Promotes Minted Art to Interior Design Industry Pros

“Hmmm…this doesn’t look like commercial art,” said Jan, an interior designer who approached the Minted Art exhibit at Chicago’s NeoCon in June. “This—this is great.” Jan’s sentiment mirrored a number of fellow designers and industry folks who attended the 50th edition of one of the most respected commercial tradeshows in the interior design industry. Jan went on to describe what she views as typical in the commercial art industry: “mass-produced, ugly florals, generic.” In other words, the opposite of Minted Art, which is precisely what we’re going for.

A dramatic gallery wall featuring Minted Art at High Point Market 2018

Minted Art above: MA Allen Interiors, an interior design firm based in Raleigh, North Carolina, curated this scene in Minted’s booth at the fall 2018 edition of High Point Market, the world’s largest furnishings industry trade show. Read Architectural Digest’s preview story highlighting Minted.
LEFT SECTION FROM TOP TO BOTTOM: Top photograph: “Pool Illumination” by Georgia Tankard; “Sandworm 1” by Jaime Derringer; “Sunset” by Jen Chen; “Last Tuesday” by Jennifer Daily; “Zebraba Tile” by 2birdstone; “Free” by Kristi Kohut; and “Geometric Tides” by King Richard IX.
CENTER SECTION FROM TOP TO BOTTOM: “Edges” by Bethania Lima; “Shes Blooming” by Theresa Bear; and “Jane Gallagher” by Amy Carroll.
RIGHT SECTION FROM TOP TO BOTTOM: “Paris Street Shop 3” by Phrosné Ras; “Abstract Orchids” by Michelle S; “Amour” by Morgan Kendall; “History Repeats” by Jennifer Daily; “Pink Foliage” by Fernanda Martinez; and “Pansy Painting – Mirrored” by Oana Prints.

NeoCon is one of the many events that Minted exhibits at to promote the Minted Design Trade Program and feature the work of Minted’s community of fine artists. Tradeshow exposure is well worth the many hours on their feet, and, thankfully, for Minted Design Trade Program Manager Sarah Greenwood, it’s one of her favorite aspects of the job. “We’ll often hear from interior designers who say, ‘I love looking at Minted Art on your site, but seeing it in person is a whole different experience,’” Sarah says. “Designers appreciate the tactile experience of seeing art at trade shows.” Sarah formerly worked for One Kings Lane and Guildery, a company Minted acquired in 2015.

A Minted art wall at High Point Market in North Carolina, featuring (left) “Lyrical” wall art print by Sarah McInroe and “Abstract Seascape Pt Reyes California” by Caryn Owen.

About the Minted Design Trade Program

Launched in early 2015, the Minted Art Trade Program has grown substantially over the last three years, attracting large commercial projects as well as residential design projects. Minted’s Design Trade Program is open to certified design professionals, such as residential interior designers, architects, and commercial interior designers. Members enjoy a 20% discount on Minted Art in addition to free shipping and returns, plus complimentary styling and curation services.

Justine MacFee of MacFee Design curated this gallery wall of Minted Art at High Point Market.

Minted Art featured above: Left top photograph: “Curves and Lines” by Megan Monismith. Center photograph: “Movement” by Kaitie Bryant. Right: “Southern Cotton Series 4” by Angela Simeone

Meet the Minted Design Team

Alex Salai, Jen Ryu, Natalie Pavlovsky, and Sarah Greenwood

What kinds of art do buyers like?

This is a hard question to answer, because it largely depends on the interior designer, the project, and the client. “Bright and colorful art often works well in office spaces because it inspires creativity, but doesn’t always work in a certain residential setting,” says Sarah. “Some interior designers will choose subdued pieces for home clients because the palette is relaxing, but there’s also a place for certain bold, bright art in people’s homes.”

Overall, Sarah adds that the decision-making process ultimately comes down to what the client feels comfortable with. “Clients want art they can live with—pieces that accentuate certain palettes or their furniture, but some designers are all about creating a focal point with abstract art.” Sarah added that many designers tend to purchase 30” x 40” and 18” x 24” formats because they fill spaces well.

Minted Limited Edition Art Prints at NeoCon in Chicago 2018

Minted Art above, from left (top to bottom): Nebula 2” by Jaime Derringer and “Stones” by Koshi.
Second column of art from left: “Organics_9_2_A” by Alain Castoriano, “When Trees Leave” by Brad Rhodes, and “Mountainside” by Sadie Holden
Featured on easel: Original art by Lorent and Leif
Large print to the right of the easel: “Yesterday” by Lorent and Leif;
Second row to the right of the easel, from top: “More Than This” by Amy Moen, “Skip Waves” by Bethania Lima, and “Studies of Negative” by Van Tsao
Third row to the right of the easel, from top: La Poste” by Lulu and Isabelle; “Squares and Lines” by Brian Collins; “Solstice 01” by The Carillos

“Commercial art tends to be dull and outdated, but people love that Minted Art is unique, and that we’re constantly refreshing the assortment,” said Sarah Greenwood, a Manager on Minted’s Design Trade Program, pictured here (left), with Natalie Pavlovsky at NeoCon Chicago in June 2018.

Did You Know? 6 facts about the Minted Design Trade program

  • The Minted Design Trade team collaborated with interior designer Bobby Berk of Queer Eye at Dwell on Design in Los Angeles in April. He promoted Minted’s artist community and offered art styling tips to the local interior design community.
  • The Minted Design Trade team collaborated earlier this year with a reputable commercial design firm that used artwork representing more than 200 Minted artists.
  • So far this year, the Trade Team has exhibited at six trade shows whose collective attendance totaled more than 150,000 people, including interior designers, architects, developers, art advisors, from residential design to the commercial and hospitality design industries. The team will wrap up 2018 by exhibiting at BDNY, a boutique design trade fair, in November.
  • The Design Trade Team offers continued education seminars, providing professional interior design associations, such as American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), with tips and tricks on art styling for any type of project. .
  • After tradeshows, Minted donates some of the featured artwork to local charities and some to interior designers.

NeoCon at Chicago’s Merchandise Mart in 2018

Learn more about Minted’s Design Trade Program here.

About the Author: Amy Schroeder, Minted’s Senior Manager of Community Content, founded Venus, the magazine about women in the arts and DIY culture, and has written for Etsy, West Elm, NYLON, and Pitchfork. Connect on Instagram @thevenuslady.

Published November 23, 2018

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