Blow Out the Candles Kids’ Birthday Party Invitation Challenge : Special Prizes

Announcing the special prize winners of our Blow Out the Candles Kids’ Birthday Party Invitation Challenge! Each year, parents come to Minted to find the perfect invitation to celebrate another year in their child’s life. We invited our talented Minted community of artists to design fresh, fun and unique invitations that set the tone for a memorable party and become a keepsake for the parent and child to enjoy for years to come. Congratulations to our Special Prize winners!

Out of the Box Award
For the most design-forward, innovative kids’ birthday party invitation that you would
only find at Minted

Dress for a mess by Baumbirdy

Runners-up: Bounce into a birthday by Heather Francisco, Puppy Pizza Party by Stephanie Given, and Shero Party by Baumbirdy

Originality Award
For the best design that incorporates an original handdrawn illustration or hand lettering.

Birthday Experiment by Shiny Penny Studio

Runners-up: jungle party by Cass Loh, Unicorn dreams by Jennifer Wick, and
sssomeone’s birthday by Kiersten Garner

Birthday Boy Award
For the best design for a boy.

Dino Friends by Alethea and Ruth

Runners-up: Sun Sand and Surf by Maggie Maeve, Roswell by Gwen Bedat, and volcano blast by Karidy Walker

Perfect Picture Award
This award is for the best party invite featuring one or more photos of the birthday boy or girl.

Calling All Princesses by Half Pint Studio

Runners-up: Typography Clouds by Simona Cavallaro, Simply One by Joanne Williams, and
yippee for three! by Susan Asbill

Great Shape Award
This award is for the best design specifically created for one of the unique shapes Minted offers.

circus party by Anupama

Runners-up: Hop on Over II by Hallie Fischer and Shimmering Princess by Rebecca Durflinger

Fantastic Foil Award
For the best design with elements that would truly shine in foil.

whimsical balloon by Phrosne Ras

Runners-up: Sweet unicorn by Anne Holmquist, She’s A Wild One by Susan Moyal, and
Princess Carriage by Paper Sun Studio

First Fete Award
For the best party invitation for a 1 year old girl or boy.

Wild One! by Christie Garcia

Runners-up: freshly cut flowers by Jennifer Wick, Big one by Ana de Sousa, and
Big Confetti 1 by fatfatin

Changing Seasons Award
This award is for the best design that celebrates a fall or winter birthday.

playful ice rink by Karidy Walker

Runners-up: ONEderland by Anne Holmquist and Pumpkin Party by Michelle Shanaman

Curvilinear Award
For the best design that puts the name or other customizable text on a curvilinear path.

at the park by elena diaz

Runners-up: bears marching band by Faith Dorn, Handy Man by Ink and Letter Designs, and
Hot Air Balloon Birthday by Noonday Design

Newbie Award
For the best design from a designer winning for the first time.

Surfer’s Dream Beach Bash by Maggie Maeve

Critique Award
For providing helpful critique to other artists in the challenge.

Congratulations Jan Shepherd!

Published October 26, 2018

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