Minted artist Bethany Anderson shares top tips for success after reaching 100th win milestone

Minted artist Bethany Anderson says that when it comes to design, less is more. “But it took getting involved in Minted to learn this,” she says.

You know what they say about goals: If you write it down, it’s more likely to happen. Such was the case for Minted artist Bethany Anderson, who recently celebrated her 100th Minted Challenge win. Every January, the West Virginia graphic designer sets specific design goals, and “make it to 100” was at the top of her 2018 list. “I was so excited to not only find out I hit that mark, but that one of my Children’s Birthday invitations placed 8th in the Blow Out the Candles Kids’ Birthday Party Challenge,” she says. “The kids’ birthday challenge has always been my favorite, as well as the first I ever entered, so it was bittersweet.”

Bethany Anderson’s “Gone Fishin’” won 8th place in Minted’s 2018 Blow Out the Candles Kids’ Birthday Party Challenge.

Minted: What’s your story in a nutshell?
Bethany Anderson: I was born and raised in West Virginia. There are so many misconceptions about our state, but I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. The views are spectacular, the people are kind-hearted, and we have a pretty good football team (Go Eers!). I live in the eastern panhandle with my husband Kyle and our children, Greyson, 7, and Claire, 2. My husband and I attended Shepherd University, where I graduated with a fine arts degree and a concentration in graphic design.

It was at my “first real design job” that I found Minted, as I was searching for inspiration for my own wedding invitation. I’ve recently started teaching design and Adobe software classes at our local technical college. The one thing that I love more than design is teaching design. 

“Furever Merry” Minted holiday photo card by Bethany Anderson

Not only are you a graphic designer, but you’ve also got a knack for copywriting. Where do your copywriting ideas come from?
I love puns! My friends and I take great pride in being able to keep a long line of puns going, so I’ve had lots of practice. My husband even bought me a pun game for Christmas last year. I have a bad habit of thinking up weird things in the most random places. Thank goodness for the notes app on my phone! Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night with a thought that I have to write down—you never know when creativity is going to strike!

What’s the story behind your Minted Artist Store name, Mary Milly and Joy?
I come from a long line of creative and talented women. The name Mary, Milly and Joy comes from three of my grandmothers. Mary was my grandfather’s mother—she had the sweetest smile and laugh and was always interested in every story we told her. Milly, short for Mildred, was my dad’s mother. I don’t think there was ever a grandmother who showed that much love to and for her grandchildren. I spent hours upon hours of time with her in the summers when I was young. She could crochet like nobody’s business! Joy was my grandmother’s mother. I got the most time with her throughout my youth. Because of her, I’m slightly obsessed with the word “Joy” and have it placed throughout my house in the form of décor. She lived the majority of her life as a widow and showed her grandchildren there was nothing she couldn’t do. I always thought that I would name a design business after them and Minted was the perfect time to start with that name.

How do you describe your design style?
I believe less is more, but it took getting involved in Minted to learn this. I went from going overboard to really focusing on a crisp, clean design that makes you go, Wow! I love working with type and pairing different typefaces and working with different colors, which are my favorite elements to teach. Sometimes I get stuck on a certain color or color palette for a while and it’s hard to move on. I’ve been working in black/white or navy/white a lot lately. The contrast is just amazing, but whenever I’m asked what my favorite color is, I always respond, “I can’t have a favorite color, I’m a graphic designer!”

What are your top tips for succeeding as a Minted artist?
1. Make the most of the Minted community!
My buddies and fellow Minted artists Kristin Doversberger (of
Lorent and Leif) and Daisy Rizzo (of Pixel and Hank) have been some of my biggest supporters and have given the best critiques. I love sharing designs and getting and giving feedback with these ladies. Kristin was even one of the first people I talked to after I had my daughter. It really does take a village!

2. Don’t give up on a design that didn’t get picked.
I always go back or use bits and pieces of older designs to make new ones.

3. Make your own trends.
Step outside of the box and jump right in! Use that mustard yellow if that’s what you’re into this week!

4. Practice your craft! I have been practicing lettering on my iPad. I’m not there yet but I’m not giving up!

Published October 15, 2018

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