2018 Religious Photo Card Challenge: Top 10 Winners

Written by Emily Heaton and Jessica Schwartz

We’re excited to continue the countdown with the Top 10 winners from the Good Tidings Religious Photo Card Challenge! The religious card challenge often attracts illustrative and whimsical designs. From innovative and modern to timeless and classic, we loved seeing the various forms of religious expression while looking through the Top 10. With all the wonderful winning designs from this year’s challenge, how will customers be able to choose which card to send to their loved ones?

Put your hands together for the Top 10!

2018 Good Tidings Religious Photo Card Challenge
Top 10 Winners

10. Pixel and Hank showcases a minimalist religious 3-photo card design with playful type in her “Wonder Collage” design.

9. Pistols masters the modern type treatment and clean layout in this fresh religious card, “Heaven & Earth Rejoice.”

8. Lindsay Stetson Thompson takes a playful and modern approach using textured abstract art in her design, “Bless & Keep.”

7. This classic holiday card, “Wondrous Wreath,” by Robert and Stella features a delicate watercolor wreath and the sentiment “rejoice.”

6. In this earthy vintage design by Chris Griffith, “Gifts from Above” is framed by gorgeous greenery.

5. Allison Kincaid’s “Painted Night” features the words “Oh Holy Night” over a beautifully hand-painted night sky.

4. This whimsical hand-lettered design by Makewells, “Snowy Hallelujah,” is highlighted with stars and specks of snow.

3. Everett Paper Goods captures the elegance of the holidays designed with hand-painted boughs and hand-scripted text in her design “Bountiful.”

2. Rebecca Durflinger’s hand-lettered “Script Hallelujah” brings a modern twist to a holiday classic.

1. This Religious Photo Card by Morgan Ramberg features an illustration of the Holy Family on their way to Bethlehem in her design “Let Nature Sing.”

Emily Heaton is Minted’s Associate Manager, Community Operations. She’s East Coast–born and –raised, but couldn’t resist the draw of California’s sunshine and burritos. She’s forever on a quest to find the biggest and most scenic hills to ride on her road bike.

Jessica Schwartz is Minted’s Associate Manager, Community Operations and Analytics. She’s also a Bay Area native and a hiking enthusiast, who loves sourdough bread more than dessert.

Stay tuned! We’ll continue to announce Minted Holiday 2018 winners in the Minted Community > Winners section of Julep.

* Please note that we will keep the Challenge page hidden until our final winners’ announcement. At that time, you will be able to see your final score and ranking on the Challenge page.

Published September 7, 2018

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