Make a Statement Large Format Art Challenge : Special Prizes

Announcing the Special Prize winners of our Make a Statement Large Format Art Challenge! Our customers are looking for large scale pieces to fill an empty space, and we are excited for this potential sales opportunity for our growing art business. Congratulations winners!

Figures & Form Award
For the most interesting and eye catching photograph or drawing that displays
a human figure large scale

Shes Blooming by Theresa Bear

Runners-up: Movement by Kaitie Bryant and Watching by Kelly Witmer

Bold Strokes Award
For the best large scale abstract statement piece emphasizing unique shape and form

Jazz on the Radio by Melissa McGill

Circular Movement by Roann Mathias and Indeed they are by Allison Filice

Atmospheric Photography Award
For the best photograph that captures mood with light and shadow

Hidden Lands by Jason Derck

In the rain by Crystal Lynn Collins

Diptych Award
For the best pair of portrait oriented pieces

Tour de Force I and Tour de Force II by Carmen Guedez

Runner-up: Rush I and Rush II by Kamala Nahas

Menagerie Award
For the most interesting composition depicting an animal form

Stand by Me by Land Collioure Le Coq

Runners-up: Seeing by ALICIA BOCK and Wee Staredown by Amy Carroll

Plein Air Award
For the best painting inspired by a scene outdoors

Tomah by Lorent and Leif

Runners-up: The Wild Sonoma Coast by Amanda Phelps and
Tranquil Harbor by Alison Jerry Designs

Silver Lining Award
For the most interesting piece inspired by the sky or cosmos

The Veil was torn by Mel Thompson

Runner-up: A Meditation by Brian Sostrom

Nuanced Neutrals Award
For the most elegant abstract drawing or painting in a neutral color palette

Warm Sunlit Sand by Teodora Guererra

Runner-up: History Repeats by Jennifer Daily

Published June 7, 2018

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