New Year, New Look, New Year’s Card Challenge: Special Prizes

Announcing the special prize winners of our New Year, New Look, New Year’s Photo Card Challenge! Each year, more and more customers choose to send a New Year’s card to their loved ones to spread the holiday cheer in a festive way. Congratulations to the winners who submitted some truly dazzling designs!

Out of the Box Award
For the most design-forward, innovative holiday card that you would only find at Minted

Cheer Burst by Sweta Modi

Runner Ups: Happy Confetti Letters by fatfatin, Dazzle by Kristie Kern and Cheerful New Year by Baumbirdy

Multi-Photo Award
Best design that showcases multiple photos

Charming Collage by Melanie Severin

Runner Ups: Colorful Diamond by Katie Zimpel, Sprinkled by Jenn Postorino and A Big Happy Year by Kaydi Bishop

Fresh and Clean Award
Simple, edited, and clean, with greater emphasis on photos and less on design elements that can detract from photos

Simply by Amy Kross

Runner Up: Unexpected by Up Up Creative

 New Beginnings Award
For the best design that celebrates what’s new and exciting in someone’s life – whether they’re newly married or have a new baby, home or pet.

Pop by Sarah Guse Brown 

Runner Up: New Adventure Sparkles by Alethea and Ruth, To Come by Lauren Chism and The Best by Laura Bolter Design

“New Year, New You!” Award
For the card whose copy best highlights a fresh start, resolution or sentimental message that starts the New Year off on the right foot

Make It Count by Angela Garrick

Runner Up: Epic by Lea Delaveris and Words to Live by Amy Payne

What a Year! Award
For the design that best reinvents the “annual
letter” in which families share major milestones from their year.

Newsworthy by Ann Gardner

Runner Ups: Extra, Extra by Becca Thongkham

“2018” Award
For the best way of displaying the numbers “2018”

Onyx by Kelli Hall

Runner Ups: All About 2018 by Hooray Creative and Pastel Year by Baumbirdy

Funniest Award
For the best clever, witty or funny card

Sleighed by Lori Wemple

Runner Ups: Dropped the Ball by Jackie Crawford and Fun Begins by Susan Brown 

Copywriter Award
For the card that uses clever wording to reinvent the typical New Year’s greeting (e.g. not “Cheers” or “Happy New Year”)

Shine Bright by Shirley Lin Schneider

Runner Ups: Color Your Year by Julie Murray and Bring It On by Lea Delaveris

Dress Up Your Envelope Award
This award is for the most creative envelope styling, including our new custom holiday stamp

 Lined by Beth Schneider

Runner Ups: Whimsical New Year by Shirley Lin Schneider

Classic Elegance Award
For the most elegant, timeless New Year’s design that will appeal to more traditional customers

Timeless Frame by Paper Dahlia

Runner Ups: Duo by Hooray Creative and New Year Bookplate by Jackie Crawford

Curvilinear Award
This award is for the best design that puts customers’ names or other personalizable details on a curvilinear path

Collide by Pistols

Home is Where the Heart is Award
This award is for the best design that showcases a specific state or location and could be used as a holiday card and/or moving announcement

New Year New Neighborhood by Shiny Penny Studio
Runner Ups: Heart Home by Jennifer Lew and Simple New Adventure by Julie Murray

Congratulations, winners!

November, 30 2017

Written by Simone Monrad

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