New Year, New Look, New Year’s Card Challenge: Special Prizes

Announcing the special prize winners of our New Year, New Look, New Year’s Photo Card Challenge! Each year, more and more customers choose to send a New Year’s card to their loved ones to spread the holiday cheer in a festive way. Congratulations to the winners who submitted some truly dazzling designs!

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Sunny in San Francisco: Join me for a tour of the Minted office

Written & photographed by Kamala Nahas

Photography has always been the way I explore the world. Whether it is a connection between people, a dance between light and water, or the grandeur of a sprawling landscape, I’m always looking for beautiful stories to tell. And I pretty much always have a camera or two attached to my hip, so it only made sense to take photos of my experience at the Minted office when I visited for a couple of days in October with a group of fellow Minted artists from around the U.S.

Here’s what I saw.

When we arrived outside the Minted headquarters on Front and Broadway, I was nervous. Incredibly. I’m accustomed to working at home with dogs at my feet and a computer screen that buffers me from the world. It was a bit surreal to think I’d be walking into the world that up until now had only existed online, in my mind.

This is the first thing you see, when you walk up a flight of stairs to the second floor: Minted’s reception area, with a striking copper wall. It is even more beautiful than the posts you see on Facebook—the light pouring through the windows is amazing.

I met Minted Engineer Gabriella Grandilli while she was coding in the comfort of one of Minted’s impromptu living rooms.

The Minted greeting card collection that’s currently carried in a number of Target stores is also on display in the Minted office. This was my first time seeing the Minted greeting cards upfront—they’re really beautiful, funny, and inspiring.

Megan Davis of Toast and Laurel, Lynn Knipe of Griffinbell Paper Co., and Amy Kross looked at a selection of Minted fabrics. I can’t emphasize enough how energizing it is to be able to touch, feel, and see the products that all of us Minted artists are designing. It really brings home that we are part of putting something real and beautiful into the world.



UPDATE: Congratulations to our winners, Jolie, Erin, Estefania, Kimberley, and Pamela! Happy Holidays and thank you to all who entered. Follow us on Facebook for more chances to win!

Send holiday cheer this year. Pin your favorite Minted holiday card on Pinterest before 11/22 for the chance to make your holiday extra merry with $300 in credit towards your next stationery purchase.


A Very Corporate Christmas Holiday Non-Photo and Corporate Card Challenge: Special Prizes

Announcing the special prize winners of our A Very Corporate Christmas Holiday Non-Photo and Corporate Card Challenge! In this challenge, we were looking for both non-photo and corporate holiday cards which have two distinct designs approaches. We received so many strong designs in both categories and we can’t wait to see these cards in mailboxes around the world. A big congratulations to our special prize winners!


The Evolution of Minted Art

Written by Jennifer Griffin

Black 01” Minted art on canvas by Catalina Somolinos of Catilustre, a Spanish Minted artist who lives in Germany.

When Minted Art launched in 2012, five years after the company’s founding, Minted became publicly recognized for what it had already undeniably become: a global community of independent artists. Before then, many thought of Minted as primarily a stationery e-retailer. But the vision had always been far bolder.

Early on, we recognized that the breadth and range of talent within our artist community was incredibly deep. There were graphic designers, illustrators, painters, and creative artists of all kinds. Minted artists clearly needed more canvases, more ways to reach a broader audience in a more comprehensive way. Unleashing their creative output into the $45 billion global art market became a leading drive.

Minted Art launched in May 2012 with a carefully curated selection of limited-edition art prints created by our global community of artists, providing further access to income opportunities, exposure, and creative community. The earliest offerings were primarily graphic design works, including illustrations and customizable children’s art. Photography and prints of painted works would follow. Minted’s prints were and continue to be produced on museum-quality, cotton rag archival paper.

Since 2012, Minted Art has evolved significantly, with each new launch part of a continuous and deliberate effort to provide Minted artists and consumers the best platform to sell and acquire art through both traditional and emerging channels.

A Timeline of Minted Art

  • Spring 2012. Launch of Minted Art with a percentage of sales from children’s and nursery art supporting Every Mother Counts, a nonprofit advocating for maternal health around the world.
  • Spring 2013. Minted’s first West Elm partnership art challenge
  • Summer 2014. Self-launch of artworks debuts for non-custom prints. The introduction of self-launch allows artists to include works in their portfolio beyond those submitted to challenges.

Wild Grass” foil-pressed wall art by LemonBirch Design