Discover Alexandra Feo, the Venezuelan Dutch photographer who calls her style ‘busy minimalism’

Born in Caracas, Venezuela, and raised in a family of musicians and artists, Alexandra Feo grew up in opera and ballet theaters, and developed a passion for the aesthetic of stage arts. Now living in Amsterdam, she works as a photographer but is also a trained ballet dancer and studied music for more than a decade.

Minted: How did you learn photography?
Alexandra Feo: I started in 2009 while living in Tokyo, Japan. Photography is pretty much a national sport there, so I got a camera and started playing around with it. I took several online courses and classes to learn about the basics, including photography techniques, studio shootings, postproduction of images, makeup, and styling.

Fullness – I” by Alexandra Feo

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned?
Patience and observation have been one the most important things I’ve learned traveling. Diversity is one of the most important things to preserve on the planet. Humbleness is the lesson I’m still learning, among others.

Since joining our artist community in 2015, how has Minted impacted your life?
Minted gives me space and visibility to offer a part of my work in an international platform. It has inspired me to look for the most beautiful landscapes to photograph, and it’s amazing that my landscapes are purchased by people around the world. I love the work that Minted represents, and it feels special to be part of it.

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Published June 14, 2017

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