Minted greeting cards, children’s apparel, and nursery decor make shining debut at NSS 2017

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Greeting cards, children’s apparel, and nursery decor were Minted’s headlining acts at our National Stationery Show (NSS) booth this year. All three product categories made a shining debut at the paper goods tradeshow and were well-received by both independent and large national retailers. The new products were right at home alongside our new home décor textile patterns and Minted’s longtime claim to fame: custom cards and invitations, including our wedding suite.

After introducing Minted Wholesale at NSS 2016, the program continues to grow. Last year, we showed NSS attendees our custom invitation offerings along with a handful of limited edition art prints, home decor products such as pillows and table linens, and packaged stationery products. Now Minted Wholesale is even better than ever. Our new line of wholesale greeting cards are sourced from The Better Together Greeting Card Challenge, our first competition that shines an extra-bright spotlight on excellence in writing and design. Since last year, we’ve made our wholesale pricing more competitive and also made improvements in our customer service,” says Dan Garblik, Minted’s Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships. “We’re excited to grow this new and exciting side of our business.”

We showcased some of our new greeting cards against a copper wall, spotlighting a rotation of Minted artists. Here we show Stacey Meacham of Atlanta, Georgia; Shonda Rhimes, the TV producer extraordinaire who contributed copywriting to the first part of the Better Together Minted Greeting Card Challenge; and Carrie O’Neal of Fairfield, Ohio.

As Minted Wholesale has expanded, we’ve been careful to select retail partners who agree to support our artist-friendly terms. “We seek partners who are excited about the Minted artist community and want to help us tell our crowdsourcing story,” says Brady Wood, VP External Relations. “We’ve seen wonderful examples – with West Elm and Pottery Barn Kids, for example – of our retail partners telling stories about the artist behind the product.”

Just as Minted has come a long way since Founder and CEO Mariam Naficy started the company in 2008, so too has our presence at NSS. In the early days, Minted products were exclusive to Now with Minted Wholesale and the opening of Minted’s San Francisco retail store, Minted’s footprint extends to brick and mortar and beyond. “It’s truly exciting to see the progression — I think Minted is definitely steering to the right market that will generate more exposure and revenue,” says Nam Bourassa, a Canadian Minted artist who joined the community in December 2008. As one of the early designers to enter Minted’s Design Challenges, she represents a thriving community of independent artists who create the designs for the many products that Minted produces and sells.

Nam says she’s a fan of Minted Wholesale because the program allows artists to see their designs in additional commercial markets. “It certainly gives bragging rights to recognize a product that was designed by you,” she says. “The wholesale products are high-quality with fabulous design styles.”

As part of the tradition that’s developed over the years at NSS, we hosted a cocktail party for Minted artists who traveled from around the U.S. and beyond, in addition to a breakfast meeting for some of our top-performing artists in the CMYK program. Enjoy the gallery of photos.

Some of the many wholesale greeting cards that we showed at the National Stationery Show. Visit to learn more, apply for the program, or download a catalog.

At the Minted booth at NSS, we showed a range of fabric patterns designed by artists from around the world. Many of these patterns, which are available in fabric by the yard, have been used across home decor, table linens, and our newest venture, baby apparel, which is not yet for sale on With thousands of patterns to choose from, the creative possibilities are endless. Our fabric offering also resonates with our wholesale partners.

We showed samples of Minted children’s apparel at National Stationery Show. Though apparel is not yet available on, a number of retailers were interested in learning more.

The Minted Cocktail Party

On May 22, we hosted our annual Minted Community Cocktail Party at the The Highline Loft on 26th Street in Manhattan. Flowers by Cristina Lozito. Party design and planning by Natasha Lawler.

The inspiration behind the party theme, “Minted Does Marfa,” was this “Prada Marfa” Minted art print by Haley Warner. We wanted to take guests on a trip to this small Texas town in the middle of nowhere. Marfa has recently achieved mythic status thanks to a series of high-profile art installations — we re-imagined a desert town with art created by Minted artists.

Minted art prints, from left: “Outside Looking In” by Andrew McClintock; “Skyward Angles” by “Desert Twilight” by Gabrial Reising; “Soft Shimmer No. 2” by Julia Contacessi; and “Desert Twilight by Melanie Pavao

Just about all of the Minted artists who attended the party gathered around Minted Founder and CEO Mariam Naficy for the annual group party shot.

New York Minted artist Eunice Kindred brought a friend to the party.

Clockwise from top: “Modern Day Camp” by Demi and Olive; “66 Motel” by Calais LeCoq; and “Enliven” by Melanie Severin.

Minted artists Denise Wong of New York City, and her college friend, Rebecca Kent.

Minted art, clockwise from top: “this place was clean” by Kristin Chapman; “Waiting Room” by Julie Grace Immink; and “Far Far Away” by Andrew McClintock. The Minted sign (representing miles to our San Francisco retail store) was made in-house.

Alaina Cherup of Cheer Up Press of Columbus, Ohio, and Angela Vellino of chica design of Atlanta, Georgia.

Minted artists Allison Kincaid (AK Graphics) of Pullman, Washington, and Marta Berkolayko (Very Marta) of Brooklyn, New York, talk with Christiane Pendarvis, Minted’s VP of Crowdsourcing.

Minted Founder and CEO Mariam Naficy enjoyed talking with artists and gave a presentation about Every Mother Counts (EMC), the maternal health nonprofit organization that works to make pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother, everywhere. Later this year, we will select two Minted artists to join Mariam Naficy and EMC Founder Christy Turlington Burns on a trip to Haiti in 2018. EMC works with grantees in Haiti to increase the quality of and access to skilled delivery care for women who need it. Minted artists may fill out this submission form.

From left: Easter, Minted’s Senior Manager of Community Strategy, along with Minted artist Allison Kincaid, a friend of Kimberly FitzSimons’, and Kimberly FitzSimons.

University of Virginia architecture student Arthur Brown created an architectural model and rendering of the Minted store in the vein of the Prada Marfa art installation.

Simple Agate Foil-Pressed Menu” by Petra Kern. “Texas in Paint” art print by Denise Wong.

CMYK Artist Breakfast

On May 23, we hosted our annual breakfast for members of our CMYK program at Trestle on Tenth in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood. Several of Minted’s executives attended the breakfast to talk with artists and discuss new business developments.

Fairytale” Menu card and “Red Fancy Fish” table runner by Erin McManness. “Enliven” art print by Melanie Severin

Top: Katharine Watson and Kim Dietrich Elam talk with Christiane Pendarvis, Minted’s VP of Crowdsourcing. Bottom left photo: Kaydi Bishop and Kristie Kern

Bottom right photo: Melanie Severin, Lea Delaveris, and Easter

About the Author: Amy Schroeder, Minted’s Community Content Manager, founded Venus, the magazine about women in the arts and DIY culture, and has written for Etsy, West Elm, Pitchfork, and NYLON. Connect on Instagram @thevenuslady.

Published May 31, 2017

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