DIY: Last-Minute Printable Heart Glasses

Written by Sharon Garofalow of  Cupcakes and Cutlery

Need a fun, last-minute craft to do with your kids today? I’ve got the perfect, easy activity for you! Just download and print the template for these adorable heart-shaped paper glasses!! They’re the perfect accent to your Valentine’s Day festivities!

Easy last minute Valentine's Day craft for you and the kids.
Printable heart shaped glasses for kids on Valentine's Day.

Click through for step by step instructions

Printable heart glasses for a last minute Valentine's day craft.

• Download: Pink Heart Glasses printable and Red Heart Glasses printable (two glasses will print per page)
• Scissors (one regular pair and one smaller pair for details and inside the heart)
• Glue Dots or other small adhesive tape
• Black Sharpie if you are Type A (like me) and want to fix any white snags the scissors leave when cutting out the inside of the heart.

How to make last minute printable paper heart glasses for Valentine's Day.


1. Cut out the heart-shaped glasses from the printout.

2. To cut out the center of the hearts, gently fold the heart in half (do not make a hard fold or crease!) and make a snip with the scissors to get a hole started. Do the same on the other side.

3. Using smaller scissors, carefully cut out the inside of the heart on each side of the glasses.

4. The glasses fit adults also (yeah!) so to make them fit the kids, place the arm of the glasses over your child’s ear and measure where you will need to cut so they stay on their face. Cut off the excess.

5. Use a glue dot or small dot of glue to attach the arms of the glasses to the heart shaped frame.

6. Fold over the tab on each side of the frames and press the adhesive, on each arm, to the underside of the tab to attach.

Optional: As you can see in the photo below, cutting can leave some white showing near the black outline. To fix, use a black sharpie and cover up any white that is showing (see top image for a cleaner finished look!!)

Easy printable heart glasses.

Your kids will LOVE these!!! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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