DIY: Valentine’s Day Plates

Written by Kathleen Ballos of  Snowdrop & Co

Do you like candy hearts? I think they’re so cute, but I don’t like actually eating them. Enter these DIY Valentine’s Day message plates! Write any message onto the plate to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year. I chose simple messages, but you could customize them with names or inside jokes for a simple DIY gift.

DIY Valentine's Plates | Julep DIY Valentine's Plates | Julep

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DIY Valentine's Plates | Julep DIY Valentine's Plates | Julep

• Clear glass plates
• Paint brushes
• Paint
• Pencil
• Black marker
• White paper
• Masking fluid

DIY Valentine's Plates | Julep


1. Trace your plate onto a piece of white paper. These plates have a flat area in the center that we focused on. Write your message onto the circle and then go over it in heavy black marker.

2. Tape the paper to the food-side of the plate so that when you look at the back of the plate, the message is backwards. Use a paintbrush to apply the masking fluid onto the back of the plate following the backwards message and let dry.

3. Carefully paint over the message and the entire back of the plate – it may take two coats to cover completely.

4. Once dry carefully use the end of a paint brush (or a toothpick) to peel off the rubbery masking fluid. It might not look perfect, so apply paint touch-ups as necessary, and/or use a toothpick to scrape away a paint to smooth the lines. Once happy, apply a coat of varnish to seal the paint. Do not wash in dishwasher, gently hand wash as needed.

DIY Valentine's Plates | Julep DIY Valentine's Plates | Julep DIY Valentine's Plates | Julep

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