DIY: Latch-Hook Door-Hanger Hearts

Written by Sharon Garofalow of  Cupcakes and Cutlery

During the holidays, our family seemed to be filled with sweets and junk food. So for Valentine’s Day this year, I decided to ease up on the candy and go a different route. Sure, the kids will probably still get a bit of chocolate (I’m not a monster!), but I also want to give them something that isn’t full of sugar. These easy-to-make latch-hook hearts are the perfect way to say “I love you”—hang one from their door so it’s the first thing they see in the morning. Plus, latch-hooking is kind of therapeutic, the perfect craft to work on while bingeing your favorite Netflix show.

Latch Hook Heart Door Hangers for Valentine's Day

I promise, once you’ve made one, you’ll keep wanting to make more! This fun, 70s throwback craft is really easy to customize and create a gift that is handmade and comes from the heart.

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Non edible Valentine's Day idea for kids

Latch Hook Kit (You can find this at your local craft store. Look for one that has the colors of yarn you’d like to use for your project; this kit is an economical way to get the latch-hook grid plus cut yarn because hand-cutting the yarn takes forever!)
Latch Hook Tool (The kits do not come with the tool, you must buy it separately)
• Yarn in any other colors you may need to finish your design (you will have to cut this by hand or you can buy pre-cut bundles)
• Scissors
Twine to hang heart from the door and finish off the shape.
Yarn needle

How to make latch hook hearts for Valentine's Day


1. Cut a small square-shaped piece of the latch hook grid. You should leave about four rows of empty squares around the edges of whatever shape you decide to make; this will help while you’re latch-hooking and finishing off your design. I free-handed the heart but if you would like a more precise pattern, you can trace the shape directly on the grid to act as a guide.

2. To hook latch, take a piece of yarn and fold it in half. Slide the tool through the yarn loop and hold the yarn with your left hand as you slide the tool, with your right hand, through the square you want to attach the yarn to. Push the tool all the way through until the catch is also through the square.

3. With your left hand, wrap the ends of the yarn up, around the hook of the tool.

4. Continue to hold the ends with your left hand above the square and pull the tool back out of the square with your right hand. The catch will close as you do this.

5. Let go of the yarn with your left and and pull the ends of the yarn all the way through; the knot will be at the bottom of the square. Pull on the ends of the yarn to tighten the knot.

6. Continue with your design, starting from the bottom and working your way up.

7. When you have finished your design, you’ll need to finish off the back. To do this you will use a yarn needle and twine.

8. I am showing how to do this on the square because it’s a bit easier but it is the same idea with the heart (only it will take more cuts to get all the angles). Cut out square notches of the square grid, at the corners, and fold the sides toward the back of the grid.

9. Using the needle and twine, do a quick hand stitch all the way around making sure to get all the way under the grid that your design is on. You will not see this through the design on the front. Go all the way around and make sure to knot it at each end. Then cut a length of twine to use as a door hanger and, using the yarn needle, tie it to the back of the shape.

10. These two latch-hook door-hanger hearts took several hours to make but I love how they turned out. Best of all, my kids loved them, too!

DIY Latch Hook Hearts for Valentine's Day

These easy latch hook hearts are a great gift for Valentine’s Day and create a cute piece of home decor!

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