DIY: Recycled Holiday-Card Garland

Written by Kathleen Ballos of  Snowdrop & Co

New Year’s Eve has never been a massive affair for us—usually we end up at home watching movies or playing board games with friends and family, snacking on chocolate fondue. We don’t put away Christmas decorations until New Year’s Day, so it still feels a bit like Christmas. When I’m tidying up I never quite know what to do with holiday cards, so this year I thought it would be neat to turn them into a garland for New Year’s Eve. I think I’ll even keep it up the rest of January to keep the mood festive for a few weeks longer. Happy New Year!

DIY Recycled Holiday Card Garland | Julep DIY Recycled Holiday Card Garland | Julep

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DIY Recycled Holiday Card Garland | Julep

• Scoreboard
• Bone folder
• Scissors
• Paper punches
• Glue (or tape)
• String
• Holiday cards

DIY Recycled Holiday Card Garland | Julep


1. Use paper punches and scissors to cut geometric shapes from the holiday cards.

2. To make the little paper bows, cut a piece of card about 2 1/2″ square and score with the bone folder every 1/4″.

3. Accordion fold the paper along the scored lines and tie at the center into a bow.

4. Line up your shapes and bows on your work surface and use dabs of white glue to attach a piece of string onto the backs. Let dry and then hang.

DIY Recycled Holiday Card Garland | Julep

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