DIY: Holiday Room Spray

Written by Sharon Garofalow of  Cupcakes and Cutlery

The holidays are in full swing and the temperatures are dipping, making cozy nights at home a frequent occurrence. I love the different scents during the holidays, like the way my house smells after I’ve baked a batch of holiday cookies or the fresh pine scent after bringing home our Christmas tree. To make sure my house smell festive all season long, I made these holiday-themed room sprays to keep spirits bright and and conjure up that holiday feeling whenever I like.

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2 oz. dark colored glass bottle with spray pump
• Vodka or witch hazel to help distribute the oils (I prefer vodka as it doesn’t have any scent; witch hazel has a slight fragrance)
• Small funnel
• Essential oils that remind you of the holidays (For this recipe I used clove, cinnamon bark, white fir, and wild orange; other festive holiday scents include peppermint, Douglas fir, cassia, juniper, eucalyptus. and rosemary. Essential oils can be found online or in stores that focus on natural products, like Whole Foods. I have even seen them sold at places like Target and CVS.)
Printable holiday room spray label (via my blog Cupcakes & Cutlery)


1.  Using the funnel, pour 1.5 ounces of vodka into the glass bottle.

2.  Add your blend of essential oils. For this recipe I used 15 drops wild orange, 10 drops white fir, 5 drops clove, and 2 drops cinnamon. What I love about making your own room sprays is that you can modify them to suit your liking. If you don’t love the smell of clove you can skip it. Love the smell of pine trees? Add more white fir! It’s totally up to you!

3.  Cap the bottle with the lid and shake really well.

4.  Add 0.5 oz. water.

5.  Shake really well. Remember, water and oil do not mix, but the vodka helps to distribute the oils more evenly. Shake well before each use.

6.  Add a cute label and you are ready to use your holiday scented room spray.

Label design by Jenny Batt (who has also designed the Charleston Doors wrapping paper found on Minted).

This DIY holiday room spray is perfect not only for your own home, but makes a great little gift to share with others!

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