Meet a Minted Artist: Lea Delaveris

Minted artist Lea Delaveris spent a decade working tough hours in the newspaper business and loved just about every minute of it — tight deadlines and all. Now that she’s a mom of two boys and the news industry has changed substantially, she’s designed a career for herself as an independent stationery designer. “Most of my day is spent in ‘mom mode,” the Columbus, Ohio, artist says of her freelance lifestyle. “The line is quite blurry between work and play for me. I honestly don’t think I can quantify the hours I work, but I know I spend quite a bit of time at my computer. Lea says she enjoys being able to work from home and be with her kiddos. “I just wish I were better at resisting the lure of my desk, though.”

In the past six years, Lea has made a name for herself on Minted as a designer who creates clean, simple, type-drive designs. “I really like when I can incorporate a bit of humor or playfulness, too.” In this interview, the Ohio artist talks about her love of visual communication, being “Mintie spotted” by a teenage boy, and what she hopes 2017 has in store for her.

Did you study art or design formally in school?
Yes, I majored in publication design and informational graphics at Ohio University. It was sort of a journalism and graphic design hybrid that felt like it was created just for me. In high school, I was really involved in the journalism department, but I didn’t love the writing part — layout and design was my area. So when I was looking at colleges and majors and found OU’s School of Visual Communication, I knew that’s where I had to be. It was exactly what I wanted to be doing.

Give Glory” by Lea Delaveris

Before life as a wife, mom, and stationery designer, you spent 10 years working in newspaper design. Why and how did you make the transition into stationery design?
I interned at a few newspapers in college and was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I liked the fast pace, quick turnaround, and the behind-the-scenes aspect of it. I admired the work of The Columbus Dispatch while I was at Ohio University and jumped at a job opportunity there just a few months out of school. I got to work with such an amazingly talented staff of artists, designers, writers, photojournalists, and editors. I have such an appreciation for the way words and images work together — and the importance of good journalism in general.

But I got in as the news industry was really beginning to change dramatically, so I had a few years of getting to do a lot of really fun creative stuff (my absolute favorite work was for an irreverent humor page), but as more and more cutbacks happened, the more scarce the fun stuff became. Between that and the hours — which were not very conducive to having a family; typically working 4 p.m. to midnight and having to be on duty some holidays and weekends — I opted to stay home when my oldest was born and start a freelance design business. I stayed on staff a few more years as a weekend fill-in, but it was too hard after that late night Sunday sports design shift, from 5 p.m. to 1 a.m., to snap back into mom mode bright and early Monday morning. I do miss it sometimes — especially the people I worked with — but the newspaper world is just so different now even from when I left for good three years ago.

Colorful New Year Wishes” by Lea Delaveris


2016 Minted Holiday Challenge Winner Milestones

We’re thrilled to celebrate Minted artists who have reached tremendous milestones in this year’s Holiday Challenges. Reaching a Challenge-win milestone on Minted takes time, hard work, and perseverance. We’re excited to recognize all of the artists who reached their 50th, 100th, and 200th win milestones across all of our 2016 Holiday Challenges: Christmas Photo Card, Holiday Photo Card, Non Photo and Corporate Holiday Card, New Year Photo Card, Holiday Party Invitation, Letterpress Holiday Photo Card, and Holiday Gifting.

Congratulations for going above and beyond — we’re so honored to have such talented artists in our community!

200th Win Milestone

Three artists reached their 200th win milestones in this year’s holiday Challenges. Congrats to Lehan Veenker, Eric Beckett of GeekInk Design, and Erica Krystek.

Lehan Veenker

Lehan joined Minted in 2010. She has 202 wins, made 2,294 comments, and casted 19,158 votes during her time with Minted.

Merrily Frosted” by Lehan Veenker

“I have always been fond of art and design and stumbled upon Minted in 2008 when it was just starting. I decided to enter a couple of challenges and didn’t have any winning designs. In my mind, I completely failed to enter anything close to the caliber of designs already present at Minted. I was scared of failing again and missing this amazing opportunity to work at home with our then-future-now-present children, so I took a break to learn. I taught myself about Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, textures, typography—anything design-related that I could get my hands on. This self-teaching hiatus lasted about two years. In September 2010, I decided to give Minted another shot and actually had some winning designs in the wedding challenge that year.”

Read more about Lehan Veenker in this blog post: Has Anything Ever Scared You So Much It Inspired You?


DIY: Mini Honeycomb-Paper Turkeys

Written by Kathleen Ballos of  Snowdrop & Co

I love looking at retro party supplies for inspiration. When browsing online recently, I noticed tons of honeycomb-paper turkeys in all sizes for Thanksgiving. Some looked pretty neat but most were a bit dated, so I decided to put a modern spin on the idea with these mini DIY turkeys! Use them to add a pop of color to your centerpiece, put one on each place setting, or even use them to top your pumpkin pie!

DIY Mini Honeycomb Turkeys | Julep DIY Mini Honeycomb Turkeys | Julep

Click through for the step-by-step instructions… 


DIY: Cupcake Flags and Number Printable

Written by Sara Albers and Melissa Fenlon of  Alice & Lois

Today we’re sharing one of our favorite ways to decorate a cupcake—it’s super easy and makes a big impact. All you need to do is print out our free numeral printable and use your favorite rolls of washi tape to create these festive little flags for your next birthday celebration.

Make these simple cupcake topper flags with washi tape.

Click through for the step-by-step instructions

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Spaces & Places Art Challenge: Guest Judge’s Pick

We’re thrilled to announce the Guest Judge’s pick for our Spaces & Places Art Challenge!

Back in June 2016, we asked artist and art instructor Nathan Bond to be our Guest Judge for this Minted Challenge. A graduate of The Rhode Island School of Design, Nathan accepted a teaching post at Parsons School of Design in 2002, where he helps guide students in classes from Freshman Drawing to Sophomore and Junior level painting as well as Illustration Concepts and Senior Thesis. As a painter, Nathan’s work has been exhibited internationally from London to Japan to Spain, and all over the United States from New York City to Washington, D.C., to Colorado, and is included in several public and private collections.

Nathan described the selection process as “a lovely and yet frustrating task.” He further explains that “it was a pleasure to experience so many spectacular places as seen through the eyes of so many artists. Yet it was so heartbreaking to also have to view them through the critical lens of a judge and slowly narrow the selection to a small group that spoke out just a little more than the others. I sat looking at this selected group of images on my screen for a long time. Wishing that I could have seen the real works in front of me. I had to be very critical of each work, weighing specific attributes like their compositional arrangement, color balance, emotional voice and visual depth.”

After long deliberation, Nathan selected “Wild Blue Yonder” by Korry Brown as his Guest Judge Pick. Coincidentally, “Wild Blue Yonder” was also voted first place by consumers and artists. Additionally, this was Korry’s first win in a Minted Challenge. There’s so many things to congratulate you on, Korry!

Nathan said, “Like so many of the works it had a strong voice and sense of place. It didn’t, however, rely just on the strength of the natural beauty of the location. It also had — along with beautiful color harmonies, good visual movement, and composition– a psychologically engaging element. The presence of the viewfinder in the photograph places the viewer into the image itself. It invites us to not only enjoy the vista we see now but to also imagine what lays hidden from view by the distance. The more I looked the more I wanted to know what did lie where the mountains meet the water just out of my sight. I always appreciate art that pulls the viewer further in and asks us to bring something from ourselves along. “Wild Blue Yonder” does just that.”

Congratulations, Korry! We can’t wait to see what you submit next.

Published November 2, 2016


Janine Vangool, Bonnie Tsang, Haskell Harris, and Caitlin Flemming’s Holiday Card Picks

We’re more than excited to announce our Guest Judges’ picks from three 2016 Holiday Challenges: the Cheers to a New Year! Photo Card Challenge, the Hot Off the Press Letterpress Holiday Photo Card Challenge, and the No Business Like Snow Business Challenge. Read more about Minted Guest Judges here.

Guest Judge Pick: Cheers to a New Year! Photo Card Challenge

Janine Vangool is the Guest Judge of Minted’s 2016 Cheers to a New Year! Photo Card Challenge. Janine is the publisher, editor, and designer of UPPERCASE, a quarterly print magazine for the creative and curious. UPPERCASE publishes content inspired by design, typography, illustration, and craft. Her magazine and books celebrate the process of making, the commitment to craft and the art of living creatively. Janine got her start working as a freelance graphic designer in for arts and culture clients and has also taught typography and publication design at the college level. She has been a shop owner and bookseller, gallery curator, sold a line of greeting cards wholesale, made 10,000 books by hand (with lots of help!) and has sewn her own products for retail. She has a particular fondness for typewriters, a passion that has inspired a book about their graphic history. Her debut fabric collection is launching this June with Windham Fabrics. She is often asked, “Do you ever sleep?” To which she replies, “Yes! By the end of the day I’m exhausted!” She lives in Calgary, Canada, with her boardgame-designing husband and curious son.

Staggered” by Sara Hicks Malone (launching to soon!)

Janine Vangool selected “Staggered” by Sara Hicks Malone, saying that she likes the playful yet simple typography. “The card looks fresh and inviting, and the multiple panes for photos makes it a great choice for a family card,” Janine says.

Sara Hicks Malone is an artist from Nashville, Tennessee, who joined the Minted artist community in 2011 and has won 165 awards in Minted Challenges.