10 Holiday Cards and Christmas Cards That Inspire Hope

The holidays are usually chock-full of cheerful celebrations, joyous occasions, and festive spirit — but what if not everyone on your mailing list is feeling very merry this year? After a contentious presidential election year in the United States, some people are opting to send Christmas cards and family photo holiday cards that focus on messages of hope, peace, and warmth. These messages will be welcomed by all friends and family, including those who are elated by the recent election and those who feel less celebratory. Here are 10 Minted Christmas cards and other holiday cards that celebrate togetherness and humble compassion.

Fanciful Pheasant” Holiday Card by Erin McManness of Atlanta, Georgia

Erin McManness says her design aesthetic tends to focus on florals, but for “Fanciful Pheasant,” she aimed to experiment with drawing simple, more geometric shapes. “Birds are a beautiful symbol of peace around the holidays, so I felt it was appropriate to incorporate them as well,” she says of her holiday card design. “I love Scandinavian-inspired design, and have been trying to infuse the ‘beauty in simplicity’ idea into my work lately. The principles of balance, unity, and symmetry were especially important in this design, as it focuses on a message of hope and peace.”

Together” Letterpress Holiday Photo Card by Kelly Nasuta of Cape Coral, Florida

Kelly Nasuta designed “Together” with her large, close-knit family in mind. “I wanted that message of togetherness to shine through because it’s really what makes this time of year so special and memorable,” she says. “My family is loud, rowdy, chaotic, and crazy, but there’s no one else I’d rather be with at the holidays.”

Lettered Peace” Foil-Pressed Holiday Card by Makewells of Fort Lauderdale, Florida

A modern take on a classic message, “Lettered Peace” is by Megan Wells, the artist and illustrator behind Makewells.

Floral Peace” Holiday Card by Baumbirdy of Chicago, Illinois

Sarah Baumgardner and Carolyn Doogan are best friends who look like sisters, and the duo behind Baumbirdy, the design team that specializes in bold, dramatic design. How do they keep their own peace, working side by side? Read their advice for creative collaboration.

Paint Splattered Peace” Christmas Photo Card by Jennifer Wick of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Longtime Minted artist Jennifer Wick is kind of a big deal in the holiday card design world. Known for her signature hand lettering and whimsical illustrations, she was the first-place winner of Minted’s 2014 Holiday Photo Card Challenge and offers a wealth of Christmas cards on her Minted Artist Store.

Faith Hope Love” Letterpress Holiday Photo Card by GeekInk Design of Los Angeles

GeekInk Design is Eric Beckett, a self-proclaimed design geek with a love for type that’s rivaled only by his love for cake. Eric is known and well-loved for his intricate designs and careful attention to detail.


Woodland Christmas” Holiday Card by Eve Schultz of Gatineau, Canada

As a self-described “artist, wife, mother, and sporadic farmer on a remote farm in rural Québec,” Eve Schultz draws inspiration from the world around her, including her children and nature. Her signature birds, bears, raccoons, and other creatures take center stage in “Woodland Christmas” and “Peace on Earth” (below).

Peace on Earth” Holiday Card by Eve Schultz of Gatineau, Canada

The Magi” Holiday Card by Kampai Designs of Sydney, Australia

“The Magi” is an updated, modern version of a classic Christmas scene, created by Lynette Rieper of Kampai Designs.

Peace Dove” Foil-Pressed Holiday Card by Kristie Kern of Akron, Ohio

Longtime Minted artist Kristie Kern is known for creating exquisite details — instant classics with a modern twist. Her Minted work includes a number of holiday cards, such as “Sparkling Frame,” the third-place winner in Minted’s 2015 Holiday Photo Card Challenge. Learn more about Kristie Kern in this Meet a Minted Artist interview.

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About the Author: Amy Schroeder, Minted’s Community Content Manager, founded (back in the day) Venus, the magazine about women in the arts and DIY culture, and has written for Etsy, West Elm, and NYLON. Connect on Instagram @thevenuslady.

Published November 25, 2016

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