A Day in the Life of Minted Artist Carly Reed Walker

Written By Carly Reed Walker
Portraits By Courtney Bowles Photography

6 AM: I’m somewhat of an early riser, rarely sleeping after 6 in the morning. It works well for me, because I find those early morning hours are my most calm, quiet, and productive. I try to start each morning with yoga. Usually that means practicing in my living room, but I just started a prenatal yoga class that I love — I’m 20 weeks along! I’ll have breakfast and coffee with my rescue pup, Buster, and husband, if he’s home (he has an irregular work schedule as a locomotive engineer). Buster is an adorable little beagle mix that we adopted from a great organization called the Richmond Animal League, where I volunteer regularly. I also spend a little time on Instagram before I get to work for the day, but don’t we all?

Gala” is my favorite holiday card I’ve created for Minted. I love how modern and editorial it is.

8 AM: I like to sit down at my desk between 7:30 and 8:00 a.m. to get organized, which is somewhat of a challenge for me. I have an amazing office/studio in our house. It’s a dream to get to work and create there every day. When we purchased our home in Richmond, Virginia, last year, my very generous husband agreed to give me the largest room in the house for work. It doubles as an office and meeting space for clients. I’ll start things off by going through emails and making a to-do list for the day, which tends to be a little scattered. From there, I get to work designing whatever is on said to-do list. My workload is balanced between wedding stationery clients, branding projects, and other stationery/design work like Minted. It’s a challenge for me to focus on several different projects, so I take frequent breaks away from the computer to snack or take Buster for a walk through our neighborhood.

Noon: Break time! If I’m meeting with an engaged couple or client, I like to schedule them around this time. My office has a cute little meeting space, and Buster loves to greet anyone new, but sometimes we’ll meet at a coffee shop or for lunch just to get out of the house for a bit. Richmond is such a fantastic place to live — it’s a charming and artistic city that runs at a slow and relaxed pace given that we’re technically in the south. If I don’t have a meeting, I’ll take a lunch break at home or meet a friend for lunch and try to step away from screens for a little while.

2 PM: More design time both at the computer and sketching at my workspace, scattered with snack/puppy breaks until somewhere between 5 and 6 p.m., depending on the season. I still haven’t quite figured out the work-life balance when working for myself from home. The struggle is real! I feel so lucky to get to do what I love every day and am looking forward to having the flexibility of working from home while raising a child, but it can be difficult to work and live in the same place sometimes. My biggest challenge is stepping away at the end of the day, because there’s always work to be done!

Minimal Mod” is my favorite wedding invitation I’ve created for Minted, because it perfectly captures my personal modern design aesthetic.

6 PM: Evening activities vary depending on the day of the week. I’ll either: spend some time at the gym with my mom, at practice with the River City Magnolias —a local synchronized swimming team that I’ve been a part of for the past few years (we’ll soon be for sale on Minted, right here), or at home having dinner with my husband, watching the Great British Bake Off (we’re a little obsessed). I try to stay away from work in the evenings and reserve them exclusively for personal time, unless, of course, it’s the Minted Holiday Challenge.

Courtney Bowles took this photo of a few of the River City Magnolias, for Minted’s Spaces & Places Art Challenge.

9 PM: If I’m being honest, the end of daylight savings time and being pregnant have me in bed fairly early, and 9 p.m. is really pushing it!


I only have two art prints for sale on Minted, but “Rectangles Revisited” is my favorite because it was one of my very first Minted submissions when I was totally unsure of myself as a designer and artist. I received so much positive and supportive feedback that I was hooked on Minted and the Minted community from that experience.  

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Published November 23, 2016

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