DIY: No-Sew Thanksgiving “Grateful” Banner

Written by Sara Albers and Melissa Fenlon of  Alice & Lois

Thanksgiving prep, for our families, involves a number of things: planning festive holiday-weekend activities, menu planning for the big day, and, above all else, practicing being grateful. Thanksgiving is a time to pause from our busy schedules and reflect on gratitude, and today we are delighted to share this simple fabric banner project showcasing the word “grateful.” This no-sew banner only requires an iron and fusible hemming tape; we used a neutral grey linen for the banner paired with mustard yellow for the hand-painted word.

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• Download: “Grateful” template
• Solid color fabric (I used a weathered grey linen)
• Fusible hemming tape (like this one)
• Mustard yellow fabric paint (I actually blended yellow and a touch of brown)
• Good quality thin paint brush
• Scissors
• Iron
• Carbon paper
• Craft dowel

DIY No-Sew Grateful Banner


1. Mark the back side of your fabric with chalk and cut the banner shape; mine was 11″ wide x 12.5″ long.

2. Fold up the bottom corners to create the angled banner bottom; affix the corners in place with strips of adhesive hem tape.

3. Follow the directions on the hem tape package and iron the corners in place. Next, fold in the left and right sides of the banner to create a crisp edge; add strips of adhesive hem tape and iron in place.

4. Fold the banner’s top edge down one inch; add hem tape to the edge and iron in place. Slide in the dowel.

5. Next, print the “Grateful” template. Cut a rectangle around the word and place a sheet of carbon graphite paper beneath it. Tape both on top of the banner; holding the papers steady, trace the word with a pencil, pressing firmly. Note: The carbon paper shows up better on lighter fabric (easier to see, easier to paint).

6. Paint in the word using fabric paint and a good quality, thin paint brush. Once the paint is fully dry, lay a cloth over the painted word and iron.

Hang your new banner on Thanksgiving Day somewhere for all your guests to admire and reflect on what they’re grateful for.

DIY No Sew Grateful Banner

Photos: Sara Albers

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