2016 Minted Holiday Challenge Winner Milestones

We’re thrilled to celebrate Minted artists who have reached tremendous milestones in this year’s Holiday Challenges. Reaching a Challenge-win milestone on Minted takes time, hard work, and perseverance. We’re excited to recognize all of the artists who reached their 50th, 100th, and 200th win milestones across all of our 2016 Holiday Challenges: Christmas Photo Card, Holiday Photo Card, Non Photo and Corporate Holiday Card, New Year Photo Card, Holiday Party Invitation, Letterpress Holiday Photo Card, and Holiday Gifting.

Congratulations for going above and beyond — we’re so honored to have such talented artists in our community!

200th Win Milestone

Three artists reached their 200th win milestones in this year’s holiday Challenges. Congrats to Lehan Veenker, Eric Beckett of GeekInk Design, and Erica Krystek.

Lehan Veenker

Lehan joined Minted in 2010. She has 202 wins, made 2,294 comments, and casted 19,158 votes during her time with Minted.

Merrily Frosted” by Lehan Veenker

“I have always been fond of art and design and stumbled upon Minted in 2008 when it was just starting. I decided to enter a couple of challenges and didn’t have any winning designs. In my mind, I completely failed to enter anything close to the caliber of designs already present at Minted. I was scared of failing again and missing this amazing opportunity to work at home with our then-future-now-present children, so I took a break to learn. I taught myself about Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, textures, typography—anything design-related that I could get my hands on. This self-teaching hiatus lasted about two years. In September 2010, I decided to give Minted another shot and actually had some winning designs in the wedding challenge that year.”

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Eric Beckett of GeekInk Design

Eric joined Minted in 2011. He has 202 wins, made 856 comments, and casted 37,341 votes during his time with Minted.

Brightly Chalked” by GeekInk Design

“I realized that the key to me being a successful designer wasn’t in trying to do what other successful designers were doing, but to find what I could do better. It freed me from the stigma that ‘florals always win,’ and I was able to think outside the box and design what I thought looked cool. Sometimes the best advice isn’t advice at all, but simply asking the right questions.”

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Erica Krystek

Erica joined Minted in 2013. She has 201 wins, made 2,084 comments, and cast over 19,602 votes during her time with Minted.

Rejoice” by Erica Krystek

“Reaching 200 wins is completely nuts and something I NEVER would have thought possible when I joined Minted. It goes without saying that this community of brilliant artists makes you a better designer over time hands down. The camaraderie among artists amidst competition is very unique environment, but one that fosters so much growth and improvement. And when I look back at my first entries in horror that point is certainly driven home. The designers who provided encouragement and positive feedback, particularly when I was very new (Chris Griffith, Amy Ehmann, Stacey Meecham & Julie Green to name just a few), were instrumental in keeping me from getting too discouraged and giving up when I wasn’t successful. For that I am forever grateful. My awesome mom and husband also give me the wonderful gift of time—which is HUGE. There are still late nights, but without their support and help with the kids when possible I would not have much time to turn around file requests let alone conceptualize and work on entries. Some people are amazing under pressure, but I feel like I do my best work when I have some breathing room.”

100th Win Milestone

Seven artists reached their 100th win milestones in this year’s holiday Challenges. Congrats to Baumbirdy, Laura Bolter Design, Jill Means, Leah Bisch, Four Wet Feet Studio, Jennifer Postorino, and Kaydi Bishop!














50th Win Milestone

Seventeen artists reached their 50th win milestones in this year’s holiday Challenges. Congrats to Jana Volfova, lena barakat, Michelle Poe, peony papeterie, Katherine Moynagh, pandercraft, Susan Moyal, Lorent and Leif, carly reed walker, Makewells, 24th and Dune, peetie design, Kampai Designs, iamtanya, Erika Firm, Kelly Schmidt, and Genna Cowsert!




























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Published November 3, 2016

  1. Congrats everyone!!!! Amazing accomplishments!