Minted Affiliate Marketing 101

Minted’s Affiliate program gives Minted Artists the opportunity to earn supplemental revenue while promoting any Minted products. Minted Affiliates use trackable URLs to promote Minted products to their own social networks and followings. As a Minted Affiliate, you are eligible to earn 15% referral commission each time you refer a customer who makes a purchase. The affiliate fee is paid in addition to any artist commissions that you receive for sales of your own Minted products. Affiliate fees are an advertising expense and are only paid when an affiliate refers a paying customer. Artist commissions are paid on every purchase, regardless of where the customer comes from.

The holiday season can be a particularly fruitful time to experiment with affiliate marketing; like many retailers, November and December are very important sales months at Minted. Regarding how much time the program involves, keep in mind that the bulk of the work will likely involve content generation (which we’ll touch on in a minute). Once you’ve signed up for an affiliate account, it’s just a matter of creating specialized links.

Here are the basics for getting started with Minted Affiliate Marketing, along with tips for success.

1. Set Up Your Minted Affiliate Account

Visit You’ll have two choices of affiliate networks: ShareASale and CJ. We recommend using ShareASale, because it’s the network that we’ve integrated into Minted Artist Stores.

Once you register, you should be approved within one business day, but keep in mind that during the busy holiday season, the process may take slightly longer. If you have questions, email the Affiliate Support Team at; please tell the team that you’re a Minted Artist.

2. Create Affiliate Links 

Go here to create affiliate links. You can link to any page on Minted, and we recommend linking to specific product description pages (PDPs), as opposed to focusing all your energy on your Minted Artist Store landing page.

When a customer clicks on one of your affiliate links, a tracking cookie is placed on their browser. All sales referred by you through affiliate links will yield a 15% commission (based on sale price) and tracked via our affiliate network, ShareASale.

Minted offers a generous 120-day tracking window from first click to sale. All sales made on that “cookied” device/browser would net you a commission for the length of that 120-day window.

Please note these commissions are processed separately from artist commissions paid out directly from Minted. They are tracked and distributed by our affiliate network (ShareASale or Commission Junction).
3. Use your Artist Store Vanity URL
If you have a Minted Artist Store and you’re on our ShareASale affiliate program, you can also direct visitors to your vanity URL (, and it will automatically redirect through your affiliate URL. It’s your choice whether to direct your followers to a product details page or your Artist Store. Both options can get you credit as an affiliate.

4. Pick Your Promotional Platforms

As you’re developing a content strategy, focus on the promotional channels that work best for you. Whether it’s a particular social media platform, email newsletter, a blog, or your website, there are a number of ways that you can drive traffic to the Minted URLs of your choice.

Some Minted Artists include affiliate links in the navigation bars of their personal websites, social media accounts, and email signatures to monetize the traffic they receive to their personal blogs.

Minted Artist Kristy Kapturowski of Hooray Creative uses Minted Affiliate links on Pinterest. “A few of my Minted designs have enjoyed a lot of action on Pinterest, so it’s a great way to drive traffic to a Minted Artist Store and spread your personal brand,” Kristy says. “It’s also a fantastic opportunity to incorporate an affiliate link to boost your commission.”

Did you know that Pinterest now allows use of affiliate links? Learn more here.

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5. Use or Create Compelling Content

When it comes to creating interesting, genuine content, think about what makes other brands and bloggers’ content and social posts interesting. What do you like about their images? Which captions capture your attention? Is something unique about the storyline?

Feel free to use Minted’s product photography in your social media or blog posts. As far as your writing voice goes, visualize your target market, and consider writing like you might speak to a friend. “Make sure your voice is authentic and true to yourself and the Minted brand,” suggests Danny Cuellar, Minted’s Affiliate Marketing Manager. “If you’re just getting started with creating content, you may want to ask a trusted friend or fellow Minted artist for feedback.”

For an example of compelling affiliate content, check out decorator Emily Henderson’s blog and Instagram. (Keep in mind, we’re just trying to share an example — not intimidate you; Emily Henderson’s team represents the best of the best.) Emily is a Minted Affiliate who focuses on an overarching story of creating beautiful interiors first and foremost. She’s a good example of someone who promotes brands without feeling too “salesy.” Like many other content producers, Emily and her team often produce roundups and listicles showcasing their favorite design elements and home decor products.

Interior designer Emily Henderson collaborated with Design Milk Founder Jaime Derringer, who’s also a Minted Artist, to produce a blog post called “Design Milk Family Room Redesign.” The story features Jaime’s “Layers” Minted art print, and Emily uses a Minted affiliate link to direct traffic to Jaime’s Minted Artist Store.

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6. Consider Promoting or Collaborating With Fellow Minted Artists

Minted Affiliates are eligible to receive commissions on sales of any Minted product — not just on sales of your own Minted products. Of course, it’s up to you whether you want to focus on promoting your own products or expand your strategy to promote other artists’ products as well. To give an example, you may want to produce a roundup of your favorite holiday cards or your suggestions for giftable art for the holidays.

7. Include Disclosures

As you begin dipping your toes into affiliate marketing, it’s good to understand specific blogger and social media advertising disclosure policies set forth by the FCC. For more tips, read this article by Amy Lynn Andrews’ easy to digest overview on proper disclosure etiquette: “Are You Disclosing Properly?” Amy produces the Useletter, an email newsletter for bloggers, authors, freelancers, online business owners and those who want to work from home.

Read Minted’s Affiliate Marketing FAQs.

About the Author: Amy Schroeder, Minted’s Community Content Manager, founded Venus, the magazine about women in the arts and DIY culture, and has written for Etsy, West Elm, and NYLON. Connect on Instagram @thevenuslady.

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