Party Hack: Flag Cake Toppers

I know, I didn’t invent the flag cake topper. But here’s the situation on these DIY versions: I found wooden sticks with cute round tops in the candy-making aisle at my local craft store. And that means no cutting dowels down to size and gluing round beads on top (yay!)—making this one of my favorite little party hacks. Keep reading for the full how-to on turning these rock-candy sticks into little treat-topper flags…

easy diy cake toppers

Click through for the step-by-step instructions

Rock candy sticks
• Acrylic paint (optional)
• Card stock and/or felt
• Scissors
• Strong glue

flag cake toppers diy


1. Paint the rock candy sticks (optional) and let dry.

easy diy cake toppers

2. Cut out flag shapes from card stock and felt. Leave extra length on the wide end that will be attached to the stick.

3. Place glue on the stick and wrap the wide end of the flag around it to adhere.

flag cake toppers
how to make flag cake toppers

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