Second Live Art Night Draws Full House at Minted Local

On September 22, we hosted the second Live Art Night at Minted Local, drawing more than 130 people for an evening of Bay Area artists painting, drawing, and talking with guests. The popular monthly event featured Minted Artists Madeline Trait, Sylvie Lee, and Jenny Partrite, in addition to local artist Michael McConnell.

Pictured above, top row, from left: Bay Area artist Michael McConnell and Minted Artist Madeline Trait; bottom row, from left: Minted Artists Sylvie Lee and Jenny Partrite.

Live Art Night sign and art by Minted Jenny Partrite

Mike McConnell painted portraits of partygoers, which the crowd loved.

Above: Portrait of Madeline Trait by Mike McConnell, and in process painting by Madeline Trait

Jenny Partrite (pictured above) said she had a blast participating in the event and loved the experience of painting and talking about her process with partygoers. “Talking with people about the process and the connection I have with the artwork I am creating live is the best,” the Novato, California, artist said. “When someone asks you a question about the piece you are painting at the moment, it brings a closer connection to your work through real-time reflection.”

Sylvie Lee also enjoyed participating. “The Live Art Night was so much fun! Being in the Minted store, surrounded by so much beautiful Minted work and alongside other artists working live, was very inspiring,” she said. “I am so grateful for Minted and all they do to bolster such a supportive and vibrant artist community.”

Located at 222 Grant Ave in San Francisco, Minted Local is Minted’s first retail store. Learn about upcoming events here.

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Published October 3, 2016


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