Holiday Decorating Inspiration: Coastal Freeze

One of my favorite memories as a kid is standing on a beach around Christmastime, watching fat snowflakes float down from grey skies and dissolve on the sand. In fact, my favorite season at the beach has always been winter, with its misty greys and faded blues. Those moments inspired this winter-washed tabletop: Drawing from a frozen coastline, this look features a collection of blue hues and hints of copper iridescence for a bit of holiday shimmer.


ocean-inspired holiday table for minted by kelli hall
shell salt cellars with edible fondant pearl for holiday tabletop. styled by kelli hall

No need to limit your Christmas palette to red and green; layer tones of washed blues and deep indigos for a decidedly wintery vibe. The key is mixing the blues in a range of tones to avoid over-matching. Think: slate, arctic blue, even ultramarine; the more subtly varied, the better. On the table, the striations in “Watercolor Ombre” create a perfectly windswept foundation and complement the repetitive wave-like designs in both napkin prints.

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holiday coastal tabletop for minted by kelli hall

Blues and greys create a wintery story, but hints of sparkle and shine elevate the festive vibe. Copper flatware and foil-pressed place cards complement the cool-hued blues, while iridescent details add a subtle glow to the table. Shell-inspired opalescent tones, in the form of edible sugar pearls and metallic ornaments with a pearl-like luster, also add to the overall effect. Even the place cards are inspired by the texture inside of a shell—they have the same creamy, luminous luster you’d find inside an oyster shell.

sea salt snowglobes: ocean-inspired holiday favors for minted by kelli hallSea-salt snow globes make easy dinner take-aways.

ocean-inspired holiday place cards“Simple Agate” place cards have the same creamy tones you’d find inside an oyster shell.

ocean inspired holiday place setting for minted by kelli hall

Add ocean-inspired pieces to the table with a wintery twist. It’s surprising how effortlessly the shapes and textures of sea elements translate to winter: Snow-flocked branches have the feel of bleached coral, while sea salt mimics the look of ice crystals. Decorate the dinner table with dried sea fans, which resemble lacy snowflakes; place miniature Christmas ornaments at each setting because they create the effect of a lustrous pearl. There’s no need to go overboard with the nautical elements, though—just a handful of details scattered on the table will thoroughly tell a coastal-inspired story.

sea salt snow globe with thyme

If you’re going to go beachy for your holiday tabletop, have a little fun with the details! I’ve repurposed clam shells as salt cellars and filled spherical bottles to make sea-salt snow globes as a take-home favor. The snow globes are super easy to make: Fill a round bottle with salt crystals, drop in some dried herbs (rosemary or thyme work best), cork the top, and send them home with guests after dinner. Lastly, one of my favorite edible details: sugar lace snowflakes that melt away in a coffee cup! They’re as special and unique in person as they look in the pic.

blue holiday linens and sugar snowflake in coffeeDelicate sugar snowflakes melt into a warm cup of coffee.

Mini metallic ornaments Ebay
“Modern Beach” menu in custom ultramarine by Paper Plains
Iridescent clam shell salt cellar Hobby Lobby (find similar ones here)
Fondant sugar pearls Etsy
Copper and enamel flatware Anthropologie
Flocked tree branch Schusters of Texas
“Watercolor Ombre” fabric and runner in blue indigo by Catherine Hubert
“Simple Agate” place card in cherry blossom by Petra Kern
“Gratitude” foil pressed place card in sky by Elly
Sphere glass bottles Etsy
“North and South” napkin in frost by Amelie Conger
“Catch a Wave” napkin in tide by Lorent and Leif
Sugar lace snowflakes Etsy

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