DIY: Rope Trivet

Written by Sara Albers and Melissa Fenlon of  alice & lois

Summer may be over but we’re officially saying hello to fall entertaining. Who doesn’t love fresh-baked muffins and mugs of hot tea with girlfriends or a homemade-soup-and-cornbread dinner with family? Our latest DIY project, an easy-to-make rope trivet, is the perfect accompaniment to those lovely fall gatherings—it’s a simple craft that’s both function and design-friendly (we love a good double-duty DIY!).

Make this simple DIY rope coil trivet.

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DIY rope Trivet

• 7-inch cork circle (used as trivet or for planters; I got mine at Ikea)
• 17 feet of cotton rope (we used a clothesline from the hardware store)
• Craft glue (my favorite is Quick Dry Tacky Glue)
• Scissors


1. Wrap a small piece of tape around the rope’s end so that it doesn’t unravel; a dab of quick-dry glue will work, too.

2. Add a bit more glue and start wrapping the rope around itself, creating a coil.

3. Apply more glue to the bottom of the rope coil; next, attach the coil to the center of the cork trivet.

4. Continue adding glue and wrapping the rope around itself until you have completely covered the trivet. (We found that it’s easiest to apply the glue onto the cork while wrapping rope.) Trim the end of the rope and either wrap the end with clear tape and glue or affix using plenty of glue.

DIY Rope Coil Trivet | alice & lois for minted DIY Rope Coil Trivet | alice & lois for minted DIY Rope Coil Trivet | alice & lois for minted DIY Rope Coil Trivet | alice & lois for minted

Photos: Sara Albers

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  1. Barbara Warner

    I really like this. I use the cork trivets a lot, so covering them would give me a change of pace! Great idea! Thanks so much for sharing. You make it look so neat.