DIY: Colorful Candy Antlers

Written by Kathleen Ballos of Snowdrop & Co

Do you have a sweet tooth? I definitely do and I especially have a soft spot for gummy candies. When I saw these gorgeous wall vases, I was inspired to put a sugary spin on them. Instead of using flowers or branches as antlers, I put together some candy kebabs instead for a playful and colorful sweets display. I love the idea of setting up a bunch of these as a candy gallery wall where guests help themselves to dessert. Yum!

Colorful Candy Antlers | Julep Colorful Candy Antlers | Julep

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Colorful Candy Antlers | Julep Colorful Candy Antlers | Julep

• Ruler
• Wooden skewers
• Mini clear bottles/vials
• Wooden plaque
• Frame hanging loops
• Hot glue gun
• Gummy candies
• Golden ribbon

Colorful Candy Antlers | Julep


1. Hot glue two vials/bottles onto your plaque, using a ruler to make sure they’re evenly spaced.

2. Cut strips of golden ribbon (I used bias tape) to wrap around the front of the vials. Glue them in place to secure the vial to the plaque.

3. Attach two picture frame loops onto the back of the plaque—it’s important to use two rather than just one so that if one candy skewer is removed, the plaque will still hang on the wall evenly.

4. Soak your skewers in water for a few minutes and then decorate with gummy candies. Place the skewers into the vials and hang the plaque on the wall. Voila!

Colorful Candy Antlers | Julep Colorful Candy Antlers | Julep Colorful Candy Antlers | Julep

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