DIY: Easy Balloon Garland

Life is a series of celebrations and if you, like me, enjoy the pomp and circumstance of party decorating, then this simple project is for you. All you need is a great color theme and about an hour to create this balloon garland—the fanciful cluster is the perfect party backdrop and livens up any area in need of a bright dose of color.

• Hand-held air pump
• Balloons
• Twine
• Scissors

Click through for the step-by-step instructions


1. Gather your supplies.

2. Inflate balloons; try inflating them at various sizes to give them more visual interest.

3. Gather inflated balloons to create colorful, unique clusters.

4. Measure a length of twine to cover the desired area; add additional inches for knotting and hanging.

5. Tie knots around the base of each individual balloon.

6. Densely cluster balloons along the entire length of the twine until you’ve reached your desired look.

7. Voila! Hang your balloon garland in your party space!

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