DIY: Fabric-Covered Pencil Cup

Written by Sara Albers and Melissa Fenlon of  alice & lois

Now that back to school is in full swing around our house, I wanted to freshen up my own desk to help me get more organized. To corral all of my loose pens and pencils, I made this fabric-covered pencil cup with leftover scrap fabric from another project. I love how the black-and-white patterned prints really add a graphic pop to my little office area.

DIY Fabric-Covered Pencil Cup
DIY Fabric-Covered Pencil Cup

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DIY Fabric-Covered Pencil Cup

• Scrap fabric
• Mod podge
• Paint brush
• Pencil cup (I used a cardboard set from Ikea)
• Scissors

DIY Fabric-Covered Pencil Cup


1. Wrap the scrap of fabric around the cup; trim fabric to size, leaving an extra inch along the top and bottom edges of the cup.

2. Brush Mod Podge on all sides of the cup.

3. Wrap the fabric around all sides, smoothing out any bubbles. Fold the edge of fabric under, leaving a clean edge; press down to affix.

4. Apply Mod Podge to the top inch along the inside of the pencil cup.

5. Fold the fabric over the lip of the cup; smooth out any bubbles.

6. Apply Mod Podge to bottom of cup; neatly fold the fabric edges to cover the bottom of the cup.

DIY Fabric-Covered Pencil Cup DIY Fabric-Covered Pencil Cup DIY Fabric-Covered Pencil Cup DIY Fabric-Covered Pencil Cup

Photos: Sara Albers

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