New Minted Artists Talk Design Trends + Changing Careers

Every month we welcome some of our newer Minted artists to the community in the Welcome Wagon series. Hop on and learn some fun facts about Christina OertelRobert Deem, and Sweta Modi.

Christina Oertel
Stratford, Wisconsin
Christina’s Website and Instagram @setandseries 

My first winning design for Minted: “San Fran Series

Day job: Graphic designer

My favorite part of the Minted experience so far: The optimism and encouragement the Minted community brings. The positive, meaningful feedback encourages me to keep pushing myself. The frequent challenges also are inspirational and allow me to experiment more as an artist.

Sources of inspiration: Traveling is my biggest inspiration. Trying new things and having my eyes opened to different places and people makes my heart soar. My day-to-day inspiration can be found in everything from fashion and makeup design to TED talks. And when all else fails, Pinterest always comes through with plenty of gorgeous visuals.

Loving these design and art trends right now: Watercolors have been a favorite of mine for quite a while now. It’s such a beautiful, romantic, yet challenging, medium, so I admire anyone out there using them. I love seeing watercolors used in unexpected ways, such as in logos, product illustrations, and even textile design. I also enjoy watching time-lapse YouTube and Instagram videos of other artists’ processes. I’ve learned so much from studying their techniques.

Robert Deem
Half the year in Mountain View, California, and the other half in Pfafftown, North Carolina
Robert’s Personal Website

First winning design for Minted: “Hi” T-shirt design in the My Heart in San Francisco Quickfire Design Challenge. I found this oddly amusing since I consider myself a painter and not a graphic designer. Just about all of my submissions in Minted challenges have been of paintings and I entered “Hi” on a whim.

Day job: Full-time freelance artist

Favorite part of the Minted experience so far: Most definitely interacting with the other artists and designers through critiquing, exchanging ideas and feedback. What a great community!

Classically trained or self-taught? Yes! But mostly self-taught. I consider my training an ongoing endeavor and participate in one-on-one instruction with classically trained mentors when I can. Craig Nelson of the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, Jane Goodman-Smith of Clemmons, North Carolina, and Lee Boynton of Annapolis, Maryland, are all mentors I can’t recommend highly enough. I have to say, though, that if I hadn’t focused on business during my formal education and then business administration during my early career, I wouldn’t have the necessary skills and resources to thrive as a freelance artist.

Sources of inspiration: The biggest surge of inspiration I get comes from appreciating other artists’ work, so my answer is that I go to Minted and other online repositories as well as to galleries and museums, where I take my time really scrutinizing. I usually come away with lots of new ideas inspired by how other artists solved problems or used traditional elements in a unique way.

Sweta Modi
Mumbai, India
Sweta’s Website

First winning design for Minted: “Waverly Type

Favorite part of the Minted experience so far: If there was one thing that I could narrow it down to, I would say that I can see myself constantly learning and growing with every challenge that I’ve participated in. Minted has a pool of insanely talented artists, who are not not only buzzing with creativity but are also there to help the newer ones like me with their advice and words of encouragement. Most importantly, there is positivity in the whole Minted community, and the team is very helpful and prompt in making you feel right at home. All the processes are streamlined and clear, and I am beyond excited to be a part of Minted!

Day job: I worked for the the travel industry for a decade before I quit. Now I freelance as a graphic designer.

Sources of inspiration: I love traveling; I feel it opens your mind to new ways, culture, history, art, and lifestyle. On a daily basis, I read blogs about design — be it graphic, interior, textile, or fashion with a keen interest on illustrations, patterns, color combinations, layout and the type used.

If I could have coffee with any artist, living or dead, it would be: Jamini Roy, an Indian artist who used simple forms and a riot of colors in his paintings depicting rural India in an eclectic style.

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Published August 29, 2016


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