DIY: Papier-Mache Swan Favors

Written by Kathleen Ballos of  Snowdrop & Co

Lately I’ve been loving everything and anything swan-related. When I was at a cake-decorating store recently, I spotted swan-shaped plastic moulds and had to buy them. They’re originally intended for melted chocolate, but instead I used papier mâché to make these DIY swan favors. Fill the hollow interior with confetti and treats so that when guests remove the back, they’ll have a fun surprise!

DIY Paper Mache Swan Favors | Julep DIY Paper Mache Swan Favors | Julep

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DIY Paper Mache Swan Favors | Julep

• Tissue paper
• Paint
• Paintbrush
• White glue
• Black marker
• Metallic paint/nail polish
• White cardstock
Swan-shaped plastic chocolate mould

DIY Paper Mache Swan Favors | Julep


1. Tear tissue paper into small pieces and use a paint brush and glue to papier-mâché it inside the plastic swan mould. You can add water to the glue if needed. Cover the swan with a few layers of the tissue paper and let dry completely.

2. Once dry, carefully remove the swans from the moulds. Cut off any overhanging tissue to make a nice, clean edge.

3. Paint as desired. Let dry.

4. Fill the hollow inside with confetti, small candies, etc.

5. Use glue to attach the swan onto a piece of cardstock, sealing the back closed. Let dry.

6. When dry, cut off the excess cardstock.

7. Use tape or glue to attach the wing onto the swan.

8. Paint the beak with metallic paint and use a black marker to draw the eye.

DIY Paper Mache Swan Favors | Julep DIY Paper Mache Swan Favors | Julep DIY Paper Mache Swan Favors | Julep

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  2. michele ruiz

    lovely project ,great idea. I have several large soap molds such as hearts. Think I’l try it