Minted x The Mrs Box Styled Wedding Themes

As a bride, you treasure every second of your wedding day, cherishing all the beautiful moments (and mementos!) caught on film. Minted and The Mrs Box to show you how to capture all the stationery details of your wedding like a pro, telling the full story of your celebration that leaves you with a beautiful record to pass on for years on end.

Newly engaged bride, Summer Watkins was completely enamored with her ring, but at a loss of what to do with it when it wasn’t busy sparkling on her finger. Summer wanted to document the gorgeousness of ring, but also find a special place for this symbol of love. Five years later, The Mrs Box collection of photo-ready vintage-inspired heirloom ring boxes was born.

Today, brides all over the world are matching their favorite ring box to their wedding stationery to capture one of the most important events in their lives. Much like stationery, the themes and colors you choose for your wedding day are huge expression of your personal couple style. These Minted x The Mrs Box wedding looks will show you how to match your mementos with your stationery and ring box pairing, starting with these dreamy pink peony blooms.

Peonie Party Wedding Stationery by Minted artist Baumbirdy  //  The Paloma heirloom ring box by The Mrs Box

Did you know the peony is a sign of bashfulness, beauty, and honor? This magical flower blooms for 100 years or longer, making it the perfect floral focal point for your everlasting union. Pair Minted artist Baumbirdy’s Peonie Party wedding stationery with The Mrs Box’s The Paloma to complete this look.

Canyon wedding stationery by Minted artist Kelly Nasuta // The Norah Mae heirloom ring box by The Mrs Box

Love is an expression of beauty. Pairing beautiful blooms with the more artistic details of your wedding stationery will make your photos come alive with visual poetry. Here, we mix-and-matched Minted artist Kelly Nasuta’s watercolor Canyon wedding stationery with The Mrs Box’s The Evey, The Roosevelt, and The Norah Mae to style the ultimate lovers union.

Mountain Visa wedding stationery by Minted artist Rebecca Turner // The Astor, The Ellington, The Windemere heirloom ring boxes by The Mrs Box

When it comes to a rustic wedding, there’s nothing we love more than adding plenty of feminine touches to keep the look elegant. Minted’s Mountain Vista wedding stationery styled with old family photos and soft spring blooms hit just the right note.

Modern Marble wedding stationery by Minted artist Kelly Schmidt // The Etta heirloom ring box by The Mrs Box


Root your love in time honored traditions. These metallic and marble accents in Minted artist Kelly Schmidt’s wedding stationery design bring a classic beauty to your special day. Style with light bright florals and The Mrs Box’s metallic Etta or Roosevelt heirloom ring box to make your wedding day shine.

Gilded Palm wedding stationery by Minted artist Lauren Chism // The Margaery heirloom ring box by The Mrs Box


You don’t have to leave your hometown to find a world of exotic delights. Fake it until you make it with inventive propping! We’ve combined our two of our favorite design motifs, palm leaves and pineapples, with the classic elegance of gold foil to give this wedding look a modern tropics feel. Recreate our destination wedding style with Gilded Palm stationery by Minted artist Lauren Chism, and The Mrs Box’s Adeline or Margaery heirloom ring box.


City sweethearts? Make it a monument to your love! Layer in the iconography of your hometown to celebrate the places and spaces that brought you together. Here, we paired Minted artist Elly’s gold foil See You in San Francisco Save-The-Date card – featuring a glamed out Golden Gate Bridge – with rich complementing ring boxes colors from The Mrs Box. You can add a vintage touch by using antique post cards, found local objects, or even collectable stamps.


Whether you decide to brighten with blooms or layer in the mementos of love, you’re ready to style your stationery and accoutrements to illustrate a picture of your wedding day. Get inspire with more creative wedding photography and designs from Minted x The Mrs Box collection on Instagram.

Minted x The Mrs Box Photography Credits:

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