Minted Artists Connect Over Art and Community in Seattle

Photos by Lela Wulson

On August 11, Minted artists from around the Seattle area and as far away as Vancouver, Canada (Kelly Schmidt) met with CEO Mariam Naficy to connect in person with the people they’ve come to know well in the global creative online community.

Organized by Jan Kessel, the Minted Artist Seattle Meetup was one of Minted’s largest to date, bringing together nearly 20 artists. The artists met in the early evening at General Porpoise Doughnuts, a Capitol Hill coffee and doughnuts shop that moonlights by evening as an event space. Over conversation ranging from Minted Design Challenges to creative passion, they enjoyed wine and hors d’oeuvres catered by Bar Melusine, part of the Renee Erickson collection of restaurants.

Pictured from left: Catherine Hubert, Melanie Biehle, Minted CEO Mariam Naficy, Kelly Schmidt, Bri Davey, Sara Johnson, Allison Kincaid, Kelly Johnston, and Rachel Nanfelt of Alethea and Ruth. Rachel gave birth to a baby boy a few days after the meetup!

Jan said that although some of the artists were a bit nervous upon arrival, that feeling quickly evaporated. “Everyone shared details about their lives, both inside and outside of art and Minted,” the Bellingham, Washington, photographer said. “It was really interesting to hear everyone’s stories, what else they did in life, work, motherhood, and how participating in Minted was a priority.”

From left: Maria Estigoy of Arden Reed, Candice Leigh, and Jan Kessel

Jan said Mariam shared interesting stats about how Minted’s community critiquing system helps everyone achieve better designs and scores. The recent Spaces and Places Art Challenge was the first in which Jan actively participated in critiquing, both in asking for others’ help, and in offering my help to those who ask. “I found it deeply rewarding to help and be helped, and I really think my work is better for it. I learned from others who may see something slightly differently that I do,” she said.

“As the artist, you stare at something so long that it’s easy to lose perspective. The critique helps with fresh eyes, and a fresh point of view.”

Brandy Brown of Marabou Design and Melanie Biehle

The whole group! Back row from left: Melanie Biehle, Amy Payne, Catherine Hubert, Brandy Brown, Heather Francisco, Angela Garrick, Candice Leigh, Kelly Schmidt, Kelly Johnston, and Sara Johnson

Front Row from left: Jan Kessel, Mariam Naficy, Christy Bergerson, Maria Estigoy, Rachel Nanfelt of Alethea and Ruth, Allison Kincaid, and Julie Goff.

Hors d’oeuvres and wine catered by Bar Melusine

Artists from left: Amy Payne, Christy Bergerson, and Angela Garrick

Above from left: Melanie Biehle, Mariam Naficy, and Kelly Johnston

Kelly Johnston and Allison Kincaid

If you’re a Minted Artist who’s interested in organizing a Minted Artist Meetup in your area, please fill out this form. Learn about upcoming Minted community events on the Community Connections page.

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Published August 18, 2016

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