DIY: Gender-Reveal Baby Shower Pins

Written by Kathleen Ballos of  Snowdrop & Co

Are you hosting a baby shower this summer? If the mama-to-be is planning on revealing the baby’s gender to guests at the party, then today’s project is the perfect way to add a fun game into the mix. Make a bunch of these pink and blue prize-ribbon pins and place them in a bowl by the party entrance. As guests arrive, have them pick a blue or pink pin, depending on what they think the baby will be. When the mom-to-be makes the big announcement, you can pass out small prizes to the guests who guessed correctly!

DIY Gender Reveal Pins on Julep DIY Gender Reveal Pins on Julep

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DIY Gender Reveal Pins on Julep DIY Gender Reveal Pins on Julep

• Card stock (pink and blue)
• Ribbon (pink, blue, white)
• Mini plastic baby bottles (in pink and blue; find similar ones on Etsy)
• 1 1/2″ circle punch
• Scissors
• Hot glue gun
• Safety pins

DIY Gender Reveal Pins on Julep


1. Cut your ribbon into 2″ strips; the width of your ribbon will dictate how many pieces you need. I used 8 pieces for each of the pins pictured.

2. Fold the ribbon in half and glue the raw edges together, making a teardrop shaped loop.

3. Use the circle punch to cut out several circles from the card stock. Next, hot glue four ribbon loops onto the card stock circle, spacing them evenly at 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock.

4. Fill the gaps with the other four ribbon loops, gluing them in place.

5. Cut a piece of matching ribbon (about 5″ long) and fold it in half. Glue onto the back of the pin, letting the ribbon tails angle out as shown, and gluing in place if necessary. Cut the ends neatly.

6. Glue the mini baby bottle onto the paper circle.

7. Hot glue a small safety pin onto the back of the circle and secure with a small piece of ribbon glued on top.

8. Repeat! Make sure to use both pink and blue ribbons, and layer contrasting ribbon for more visual interest.

DIY Gender Reveal Pins on Julep DIY Gender Reveal Pins on Julep DIY Gender Reveal Pins on Julep

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