Austin Artists Cool Off Over Sangria and Laughs

In early July, Minted Artists met up in downtown Austin for a casual get-together over cocktails and snacks at Irene’s, a new bar and restaurant recommended by Austin artist Melanie Pavao. Artists took a break from the scorching Texas heat to bond over the local art scene, their experience with Minted, and their favorite creative websites and resources.

        Top row from left: Melissa Reese, Heidi Miller Lowell, and Amanda Guerassio.
Bottom row from left: Melanie PavaoCarol SchiraldiSarah Luna, Kathy Van Torne, and Christina Loff.

“I especially appreciate the intimate, human connection that we all experienced through meeting each other in person — it has literally made my Minted world come alive,” Sarah Luna told us after the meetup. Austin artists are already making plans to hang out again.

Our very nice waiter from Irene’s helping us jump-start Heidi’s car, with a very happy Heidi.

Who knew the evening would end with a jump-start! Heidi unfortunately discovered her car battery had died during the meetup. Luckily, fellow Minted artist Carol was nearby and able to help get Heidi’s car going again (a very gracious waiter from Irene’s also helped). “I’m happy to say that Minted supports artists online and out in the real world,” Heidi says. “It was fun to get drinks and chat with everyone — and the fun and laughs even continued while we had to jump my car afterward.”

Published July 14, 2016

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